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freight company singapore vehicles, operating procedures must be complete. Freight station operators should be fair to use the freight station road freight transport operators to prohibit unlicensed vehicle stop engaging in business activities, without good reason not refuse pit road freight transport operators engaged in business activities. Article 49 freight stati freight company singapore on operator shall not monopolize supply, grab the goods shipped, seizure of goods. Article 50 of the freight station to keep clean, the service marks visible. Article 51 freight station operators operate stowage services should adhere to the voluntary principle, sources of information and capacity information provided shall be true and accurate. Article 52 freight station operator shall not overrun, overloaded distribution, shall provide services for non-road transport operators permit or license insufficiency; not violate the relevant regulations of the State, for transport vehicles handling national embargo of restricted items . Article 53 freight station operators should formulate relevant public emergency contingency plans. Emergency plan should include content reporting procedures, emergency command, emergency vehicles and equipment reserves and the disposal measures. Ro authorities and their staff should focus on freight station, cargo distribution center for road freight transport, freight station opmation or data. Artic freight company singapore le 59 in road transport freight station managers, cargo distribution supervision and inspection process, we found there is overloading of cargo vehicles, should be stopped immediately, before release after loading standard. Article 60 The road freight transport operators in the road transport authorities permit area outside the jurisdiction of illegal business activities, violations took place in the road transport authorities it shall be unlawful facts of the parties, punished the results recorded in the “road transport permits “on and Chaogu make road transport operators licensed road transport authorities. Article 61 of road freight transport operators in violation of the provisions of the road transport authorities above the county level in the course of an administrative penalty decision, in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Punishment Law may be illegal evidence in advance of registration and preservation. After freight company singapore the decision of administrative punishment, road freight transport operators refuses to perform, making road transport authorities of administrative punishment decision refusing to fulfill its administrative penalty decision may be the fact that membership will be notified of illegal vehicles for road transport authorities location, as the vehicle can be passed annual examination and determine the quality of an important bas freight company singapore is for the credibility of the examination results. Article 62 Staff road transport authorities in the implementation of the supervision and inspection of road transport process, there is no “road transport permits” is unable to provide valid proof of freight spot other vehicles that can be withheld and issued “temporary road transport vehicles deduction certificate “(see Annex 5). Shall keep the vehicle on the withheld may not be used, shall not be charged or disguised charges custody fees. Illegal party shall, within the prescribed time freight company singapo freight company singapore re withheld documents to designated locations to accept the deal. Fails to accept the deal, the road transport authorities can make a decision on punishment according to law, and the penalty decision in writing to the parties. Party without good reason refuses to carry out the decision, the road transport authorities may apply to court for enforcement. [3] Chapter VII Legal Responsibility Confe to obtain freight company singapore road freight transport business license, engaging in road freight transport operations;promiscuous, spill, breakage, non-toxic, food mixed with contaminated items. Article 47 freight station operators should strictly enforce price regulations, fees and charges publis