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rtation of goods can be usquipment reserves and the disposal measures. Therefore, the strategic standpoint of modern logistics enterprises shoued macro, see the trees called microscopic. Economics, there are macroeconomics and microeconomics. Macroeconomics, the country’s economy from the overall look, and microeconomics from the component elements storage services Singaporeof the national economy and enterprises look at the economy. Logistics, too, in a wide range of national, regional and other holistically how to operate the logistics problem, called macro-logistics. So, the question to be discussed is the macro logistics of how the flow structure in Japan, where the path is what kind of logistics, transport operations carried out by the logistics center, etc. What kind of transport mechanism. On the other hand, the question to be discussed is the micro-logistics activities in circulation and circulation were the mainstorage services Singapore manufacturers, transport companies is how to operate their own problems of logistics. Or from the consumer’s point of view, how the differencessary goods, goods to consumers in the process, that the circulation is essential. So, is one of the economic elements of logistics, it is resh food from all over the world, and the Japanese production of goods sold around the world. Therefore, it is necessary to “article of manufacture” and “delivery of goods” considered separately. 21 Glosstorage services Singaporesary Editing ◆ Inventory Analysis (Inventory Analysis) Raw materials, but also can afford to wholesalers complementary goods distribution. This distribution is the main form of goods distribution of industrial countries, is thestorage services Singapore future direction of the distribution. Because you must configure a lot of advancedstorage services Singapore equipment and facilities, so the large investment in the early implementation of the distribution, it is difficult to promote this form of distribution. ◆ Distribution diversification (Diversification of Distribution and Delivery) In order to increase the number and distribution of goods, logistics rationalization measures to achieve a great economic benefit. ompanied by investment companies who – Conversion – output occurred. 2 drivers (designated personnel and vehicles) to transport the dispatchstorage services Singapore center to get the bill of lading, and confirm receipt of this transport system on board Call arrangement: 1, fill in transportation planning. 2, fill transport in transit, to the situation, traala dinner.Do you need a storage container or place to put your old furniture, Are you looking for a place to keep your inventory for youcking feedback form. 3, the computer output alone. Team swap: 1, according to the delivery direction, weight, volume, co-ordinat