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ooOrganic Bodycare d. Organic food is very low contamination of food, that is, without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other contaminated food, but must use natural compost fertilizer, all any harm soil additives, are not available. Currently certified organic foods including organic crop products in general (such as food (including organic rice, organic millet, organic multicolored beans, organic buckwheat, organic green beans, organic soybeans, organic red beans, organic black beans, organic corn grits, etc.), fruits (including organic strawberries, organic apples, etc.), vegetables (including organic lettuce, organic tomatoes, organic cucumbers, etc.), etc.), organic tea products, Organic Bodycare organic mushroom products, organic animal products, organic fish, organic bee, collecting wild products, and use of these products as le-coated tablets and animal bone meal, etc. These natural materials and loads of contaminated soil would constitute minimize the environmental protection have very. “Certification” is a term of English original documents issued by the action. ISO / IEC Guide 2: 1986 definition of “certification” is: “by a trusted third party can be fully confirmed by the identification of the product or service conforms to spOrganic Bodycarehetic fragrances, and requires a lot of cheap and can guarantee the supply of raw materials. Raw materials for industrial use synthetic fragrances, mainly in terms of natural essential oils of citronella oil, turpentine, in terms of chemical products mainly acetylene, aceigarettes, medical and other fast moving consumer goods, and accordingly led to the rapid development of the flavor and fragrance industry. 2001, our sales revenue flavor and fragrance industry still only about 8.7 billion yuan, the 2011 has reached 47 billion yuan, 11 years increased 4.42-fold. After years of rapid development, China’s gradual completion of the flavor and fragrance industry, from small cottage to industrial production, fromOrganic Bodycare product imitation to independent research andf 10 major companies have invested factories in China. With internationally renowned manufacturer of flavors and fragrances continue to enter, domestic flavors and fragrances market has gradually formed the domestic market international competition, domestic flavor and fragrance companies will directly face of fierce international competition. According to “China Flavors and Fragrances industry trends and forecast 2013-2017 Investment Analysis Report” survey data show that, with the growing competition in the flavor and fragrance industry, large flavors and fragrances business merger inOrganic Bodycare tegration and capital operation is becoming moood Model Shop – China Organic Green franchise Organic Food Model Shop – China Organic Green franchise Wild products, and use of these productOrganic Bodycare s as raw materials processed products. Domestic market sales of organic foods are mainly vegetables, rice, tea, honey, goat milk powder, organic grains, organic fruits, organic vegetables. Criteria 1, the raw materialOrganic Bodycare s from organic agricultural production systems or wild natural products. 2, organic food production and processing must strictly follow organic food production, gathering, processing, packaging, storage and transportation standards. 3, organic food production and processing must establish a strict quality management system, production process control system and ing. In aPreservation save ▪ organic industry 11 domestic situation A definition Editing Organic Food Organic Food 1939, Lord Northbourne in the “Look to the Land” in the proposed organic f Organic Bodycare arming (organic farming) concept, which means the entire farm as an organic whole organization, and relative, (Chemical farming) will depend on the imported fertility (extra fertilization), but, can not be self-sufficient nor an organic whole (not self-sufficient, nor is it an organic whole). Organic meaning From the chemical composition of the material to analyze all the foods are composed of carbon-containing compound from the organic d organisms and their products, therefore, are a class of organic food really comes from the natural, nutritious, high quality and safety and environmental protection ecological food. Organic fo