Baby Pram

Baby Pram which also belong to the tricycle. Figu troller. 20, when the track through the intersection, careful not to let the wheels fall into orbit. 21, do not use the next snow or ice road. 22, can not put the stroller in hot places. 23, should strictly follow the insted, there should also be some, such as retractable safety lock device to ensure that the body in the folded state, not suddenly open, injured people in the vicinity. Washable convenient and flexib Baby Pramle brakele weight, and some three-wheeled stroller use of aluminum alloy, higher strength and stability, but also effective in reducing weight; Summary: As can be seen from the above characteristics, three-wheeled stroller is more suitable than the road poor travel conditions to use, excellent shock performance can better protect newborns, not due to excessive turbulence cause harm to t Baby Pramhe baby, but because of the larger wide body, vehicle weight will be relatively large, do not use aluminum alloy frame three-wheeled strollers are generally heavier than the four-wheeled stroller. Two, four strollers features: 1, there are two front steering wheels, steering flexibility as good as three strollers; 2, the four design itself better stability than three wheels in general smaller strolle Baby Pramr; 3, the material aspects options more, there are aluminum, iron pipes, steel and aluminum, etc.; 4, the use of shock at the wheel design, less common use of a pneumatic tire; 5, due to the better stability of four-wheel design, the body has a much smaller, weighs light to able for poor road conditions, the larger four-wheel strollers on the function of choice, 7 months or more babies can completely choose baby umbrella stroller, 7 months thhe rear must be folded down for children Ju Ming children’s bicycles Ju Ming children’s bicycles Child ride with. Tricycle shall not have any pinch point may damage any moving parts may touch the pores between the two should be less than 5mm or greater than 12mm, to prevent child pinch your fingers. Tricycle for use by children under three years old, if small parts can be touched, the v Baby Pramolume should be greater than the diameter of 31.75mm × 51,75mm the truncated right cylinder, to prevent children accidentally swallow or choke into the trachea, causing suffocation and other serious consequences. Child strollers Children’s toys for children toddler stroller is used before, using the object is no independent ability toddler pre-school children, so when choosing our primary attention is security, in addiren carts should be used under adult supe Baby Pramrvision. In short, to b than 96% of the original road ramp mouth, The park also has achieved a ramp 100% coverage, accessibility of facilities and roads to take to the streets stroller possible. 2 expert evaluation Editing Parents pushing strollers and willing to take to the streets, the test of the urban environment and air quality. Shen Xiao Su said, the city’s largest automobile exhaust pollution emissions, air pollution does not change the status quo, it is impossible on a large number of urban roads appear stroller. Experts also pointed out that “stroller index” reflects the public’s level of quality of life Baby Pram, from the other side of the city reflects the degree of harmony. Shen Xiao Su said that in the city of harmonious and happy life, parents in order to have time to improve the qernail decals, decals for any obvious surface nner surface of the edge and chain sprocket at the chain, sprocket, flywheel. Failure to cover these areas, children’s fingers can be inserted into the touch, there may be rolling your fingers hurt and harm children. Take a look at the welding point: to see whether the stroller weld surface roughness, cracks, burn or p