Weatherproof Furniture

As a customer, Weatherproof Furniture be sure to keep their eyes open when buying. Wood used for materials less variety and local, and valuable timber wood is rarely used. Such as solid wood dining chairs are more common, but is generally in the high-end imported beech, mid-range with maple, birch, beech made, being used to deceive, had to prevent. Many modern furniture decorative materials, including wood veneer and stickers are very popular, but the grade is entirelyWeatherproof Furniture different. Rich natural texture veneer furniture, beautiful and durable, but the price is relatively high, and stickers furniture easy to wear, fear of water, unbearable collision, but the low prices, are popular products. is far below the plate. From the “global green” point of view, to some extent, with the plate to ease strain on the reWeatherproof Furnituresources conducive to sustainable development. Modern wood furniture with solid woocy with a sour, hence the name. Ebony color glossy black, fine structure dignified, grease feeling. Ebony common productWeatherproof Furnitureion chopsticks, ink cartridges like small pieces, rare production of furniture. Gall wood trees after the formation of galls timber, according to the birch trees into gall, Phoebe gall, gall rosewood, rosewood surgery gall. Gall scWeatherproof Furnitureattered wood texture curve, beautiful and unique, is the best decoration mWeatherproof Furnitureaterials. Most of the furniture used as a surface coating, inlay materials, such as folk on “red table gall wood surface” argument. Rosewood, also known as fragrant mahogany, rosewood form with similar its hard wood, red, yellow or red violet Secheng texture rain was linear, soft color, lighter, able to float in the water, the shape of woWeatherproof Furnitureoden bars. These valuable timber has long been used in China, in order to prevent counterfeiting, the national norms for mahogany furniture, mahogany furniture market not only to ordinary familiesWeatherproof Furniture longing for hot, also attracted investor attention. Rattan ar chairs, etc. B, hotel furniture, hotel furniture, apartment furniture: These are mainly bedroom furniture with more, including beds, bedside cabinets, wardrobes, bed end stool, dressing table stool makeup makeup mirrors, luggage rack, recreation and leisure chairs a few C, office furniture: including classes Taiwan, class chairs, bookshelves, conference table, reception desk, computer desk, sofa, coffee table, wall, etc. D, public furniture: Weatherproof Furniture refers to a parWeatherproof Furnitureticular occasion to use, like parks, railway stations, theaters, auditoriums, trains and other modes of transport finest automobile use, such furniture in plastic, stone, glass, steel and metal-based, very little wood.Weatherproof FurnitureE, ean ink contamination. Lemon cleaning method How to polish the varnish on the wood are matches and other hot heat traces. To use half a lemon, wipe, and then soaked in hot water with a soft cloth to wipe. Finally, a soft cloth and then dry quickly dry, polish to restore ever. Toothpaste cleaning method White painted furniture surface course of time will turn yelloon should be given to the following factors. (A) processing technology. Processing of the material directly affects the production of furniture. For wood materials, in the process, taking into account their produce affected by moisture shrink swelling, anisotropic porous fissile and so on. Plastic materials to take into account its ductility, thermoplastic deformation. Glass material, taking into account its thermal brittleness and hardness. (2) texture and appearance quality. Material texture and texture determines the appearance of quality products with special feelings. Wood is a natural material, natural texture, beautiful, vivid, feel good, and easy processing, coloring, is the production of furniture, the finest materials. Plastics and synthetic materials having an analog characteristic of a variety of natural materials, texture, and has good color performance, but to an aging vulnerable to thermal deformation, with this production o