Organic Bodycare

Organic Bodycare stem, boiled, guns, etc. Smoked fuel usage, coating, taking architectural sculpture Applications daily necessities, food, tobacco, etc. Table of Contents A definition 2 Source 3 Production 4 History 5 Development 6 Classification ▪ Organic Bodycarenatural spices ▪ artificial flavor 7 Applications 8 Chinese ancient spice 9 spices Orig Park Queens are not easy to use because spices, the latest period until Han Ban, was clearly documented history Styrax introduced to China and other spices. After the Han Dynasty, the Western land transport through trade and exchanges between foreign and influence Spice eastward route, there are basically the following: First, Central Asia via the Silk Road to China Tianshan Mountains; Second, from the Roman Empire through India, Central Asia and Tibet; Third, through Central Asia to Qinghai, Xinjiang into the Hexi Corridor; Four from Central Asia, India and other places, through Burma into China Yunnan; Five from Central Asia, India and other places, such as Chengdu, n. Red brown cocoa powder with cocoa specific aroma, moistuentury Egyptian culture spread to Greece, Rome, the spice became valuables that aristocracy hobby goods, in order to seek spices and spices from around the world to promote the offshore sailing, promoting the discovery of the New World, a large transportation history of mankind con Organic Bodycaretribute. “The Bible Old Testament • Exodus •” Chapter 30 reads: “Please access spices, namely stor imagination more and more rich, natural perfumers gradually from school to real school, impressionist, expressionist, expressionredient is oil of wintergreen, methyl salicylate, ingredient bitter almond oil is benzaldehyde, and chemically synthesized  development, from the imported equipment to independently design and manufacture of professional equipment, from sensory evaluation to detect the use of high-precision instruments, from the introduction of technical personnel to train pro resources introduction and cultivation of a wide range of transition and establish a base such as, domestic flavo Organic Bodycarer and fragrance manufacturing industry has developed into a relatively complete industrial system, and the emergence of a group can be directly involved in the competition in the international market, industry-leading companies. China flavors and fragrances market is huge room for development, but also attracted many well-known international manufacturer of flavors and fragrances added, the world’s leading flavor and fragrance production obrandy extract, etc.: If called from resin incens Organic Bodycaree resins, such as wind fragrant resin, benzoin resin; derived from spices, called oleoresin, such as oleoresin capsicum, celery seed oil resin. Extract with more wax by dissolving the poor performance of conventional alcohol-ethanol made of aromatic components, the insoluble was filtered off with wax, and finally distilling off the ethanol under reduced pressure, to obtain absolutes. Extraction of natural spices with liquid butane, carbon dioxide and supercritical fluid extraction technology is a relatively new technology, applies only to a small number of spice plants. Animal natural spices (Fauna natural perfume): animal natural flavors are animal secretions or excretions. Animal dozen natural flavors can be formed only of goods and often applied musk, ambergris, civet and castoreum four kinds, the common use Organic Bodycareof ethanol will be made into tinctures it. Plants containing essential oils found in many families and genera, mainly Lamiaceae, Myrtaceae, Asteraceae, Rutaceae, Sonko, umbrella, Lauraceae, grassy, bean and Boke, with its areas throughout the world. For example China’s mint, cinnamon, bay leaf, star anise, Litsea seeds, lemongrass, osmanthus and jasmine flowers, Prynne, tree orchids; Indian sandalwood and lemon grass, Egyptian jasmine flower, Guyana rosewood, cloves, cinnamon, Sri Lanka, Madagascar V Organic Bodycareanilla, Paraguay Petitgrain, French lavender, Bulgarian rose, spearmint American and Italian citrus Tanzania, these spices in the prestigious int