Weatherproof Furniture

” Dongqing added. Also as standard Ye Lin said, the building leaks involving project cost, design, construction, materials, maintenance, maintenance and other aspects of the problem, the reasons are not consistent with different projects. Veneer), wood paper (commonly known as the sticker), PVC sheet, polyester paint surface (commonly known as paint) and so on. 2 sheet classification Editing Common man-made sheet has Wo Xiang board, plywood, block board, particle board, MDF and so on. Wo Xiang board Wo Xiang board uses MDI glue does not produce formaldehyde contamination. he formaldehyde content of commitment to not trust the manufacturers to furniture to authorities for testing. Furniture Picture Furniture Picture 6 tips to buy Editing Weatherproof FurnitureVeneer Distinguish furniture using paper veneer or wood veneer, which is more difficult. The easiest way is to observe patterns, natural wood veneer knots, color and texture changes. Veneer into melamine veneer, wood leather finishes, cat paper finishes, fire board finishes. Which melamine veneer scratch resistance, high tWeatherproof Furnitureemperature resistance, flooding very practical, diverse styles and three-dimensional texture. Wood leather finishes diverse styles, modeled the overall look of high-end solid wood furniture. Cat’s paper finishes, fire board finishes are relatively low-end finishes, cat paper finishes cheaper but less practical; fire board finishes reasons due to poor construction of environmental protection. Edge Pay attention to the merits of sealing materials,Weatherproof Furniture attention Edge there is not flat, tilt phenomenon. Furniture recommends particular attention is that it is not the six sides Edge – although using a formaldehyde-free adhesive, but the wood-based panels will be more or less volatile gases in the production process, sealing tight, Of course, good for the bedroom environment. Weatherproof FurnitureFirmness First, the gap under the door furWeatherproof Furnitureniture, drawer joints, if a large gap, indicating rough work, a long time will deform; Second, single or double pack box package box, generally, in addition to outside layer board, furniture which should Post a layer panel, called dual-pack boxes, furniture is no gap, there are no loose hand to promote the phenomenon. Size provisions Weatherproof FurnitureThe main provisions of the size of the national furniture are standard, such as a large hanging wardrobe closet provides space should be more than equal to 530 mm, table height regulations furniture 680-760 mm, high headroom between bookcases layer should be greater than or equal 230-310 mm, etc. . 9 Furniture Category Editing Furniture refers to the Central density fiberboard or particleboard furniture surface finishes processing, etc. made​​. Such a large part of the furniture in simulated wood grain furniture. Some furniture decorative materials on the market more and more realistic, gloss, feel so good. Furniture Weatherproof Furniturecan be divided into: Melamine finishes The surface of the decorative paper printed pattern, dipping into the melamine plastic, melamine finishes made ​​into paper, and then the high temperature hot on the plate substrate. Due to the high requirements of the substrate surface flatness of its panels, it is usually used for surface finishes particleboard and medium density fiber board. Bympse of wood is wood and scar knot. Such as Carefully look for flaws, edge quality largely affect the quality of the furniture. First, the pros and cons of sealing material, and secondly to pay attention to whether there is an uneven ed Weatherproof Furniture ge, tilt phenomenon. Good edge and the entire board should be seamless. Great influence veneer furniture grade material. To touch the surface of the film, usually for high-grade wood veneer furniture, mid-range is a paper veneer, molding and surface for price stickers face lower. Furniture Picture Furniture Picture Sheet quality closer look A closer look at the sheet edge.