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pensive musical instrument production. Pineapple grid Merbau legume genus, commonly referred to as pineapple domestic iron wood lattice or the Pacific. Produced in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, shiny wood, no special smell and taste, brown to dark brown, often with shades of white stripes, yellow heartwood contains sediment pores, texture staggered, uniform structure, wood to heavy, air-dry density 0.8-0.98 / cm3, hardness, high strength. Good stability, corrosion resistance and termite resistance Outdoor Lounge Furnitureis strong, dry shrink, no deformation. Benitez Limbu Benitez Limbu is the introduction of special materials, high temperature resistance, anti-UV and anti-aging characteristics of rainwater. Is widely used in outdoor products, the performance is very good. COutdoor Lounge Furniturehairs and swings with Benitez Limbu and aluminum alloy, both light nd so on. Portable type For example, small dining table, chairs and parasols, such furniture is usually made from aluminum or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, play field trips, fishing is very fit, but also to bring some of the best outdoor equipment, barbecue pits frame, tents a class, add a lot of fun for outdooOutdoor Lounge Furniturer travel. Xichuang outdoor home Xichuang outdoor home 7 Technology Introduction Editing Drying Made of high quality wood, wood drying kiln at first to a temperature of 70 degrees around the roast over 15 days. To sterilization pest, while the water inside the timber falls below 10 degrees, to prevent deformation during use. Outdoor Lounge FurnitureSoak Outdoor imported oil soakedl, cast iron rust easily, aluminum antirust ability a little better, a multi-cast aluminum and stainless steel in the development stage, not many truly brand. In the present, the domestic brands to keep up with the design, there is only respect [2] and other outdoor furniture brand …… Community Landscape Community Landscape Material selection Wood Material In gene is best, but pay attention to prevent collision. Bamboo and Rattan Material Bamboo and Rattan outdoor furniture quality beautiful, but expensive, and difficult to manage, easy to accumulate dust and mold, so be sure to choose good quality and speciallyand beautiful, popular among consumers. Nishifuji ral, you want to select a large oil timber, such as fir, pine, teak, etc., and must be done embalmed; production process is also very important, because long-term exposed, distortion is inevitable. If the technology, however, probably because of mortise furniture is not strong and not fall apart or expansion coefficient; Another wood outdoor furniture needs regular maintenance with wood oil or paint. Plastic Material Outdoor Lounge FurnitureWith wood resources are scarce, more and more wood products have been widely used, such as wood, plastic wood, PVC, PS modified materials, with improved technology, these plastics products weathering stronger, not rot, does not change color, anti-aging, no insects, and mostly recycled plastic processing, environmental protection has made a great contribution. Outdoor Furniture Picture Outdoor Furniture Picture Metal Material Compared to wooden outdoor furniture, more du Outdoor Lounge Furniture rable metal materials, aluminum or alloy through the water treated materialtably wind and sun, so you have to do certain deformation furniture and faded psychological preparation. Wood choice considering the price factor, generally have two choices of middle and low and high-grade timber, if you want a low price point, generally used in domestic fir or pine and the like, if you want to crack resistance, durability, generally choose to import Zhang Shan wood, pineapple grid, African teak or Burma teak, for the protection of foreOutdoor Lounge Furniturests, environmental protection, there are a lot of synthetic wood, like some plastic wood, green wood, etc., after the election of a mOutdoor Lounge Furnitureaterial made out of solid wood furniture, not only look beautiful, color look good, but thttp://boulevardoutdoorfurniture.com/collections/outdoor-lounges