Organic Bodycare

g incense four pounds, white tuber, Mao Hong each jin, leather fifty-two clove, patchouli leaf, tonka, sandalwood, angelica, raw incense knot each forty-two, fennel twenty-two, nard catty , frankincense twelve (another study), dates catty (drying). To fine [preparation], the mixing honey Organic Bodycareand mix, scenting than a month, Organic Bodycareas a pill or a cake. [Usage] burn some of the. nder, roses and other herbs, essential oils made from flowers; Himalayas and other mountain areas or unique spice plants . Spices from around the world together adds richness and Organic Bodycareuniqueness of spices. 10 spice production Editing Production process spices, for many users, are usually quite strange, therefore, a detailed description of the production process spices also quite scarce. In response to different flavors of raw materials, there will be a variase body temperature. Before the digestive system is often used as a herbal medicine to use, loss of appetite, diarrhea, have a good effect. 5 Pepper Pepper has a strong bactericidal effect, and can increase appetite, promote blood Organic Bodycarecirculation, acid-based. 6 peppers Capsaicin can stimulate the central nervous system. Promote the secretion of adrenaline, improve blood circulation rate, helping perspiration. Rich in vitamins A and C. Bactericidal effect, also very powerful. On fat metabolism, also have a certain effect, can prevent obesity. p. Widespread use of chemical flavor and chemical processing technology is also substantially changed the modern and contemporary craft incense. Although some of the traditional methods and techniques still got adopted, but only in form of retained some periphe8 features trait 9 scientific discovery 1 Introduction Editing Cacao tree flowers Cacao tree flowers Native to tropical Americas Sterculiaceae (Sterculiaceae or Bytt[1] Evergreen tree, up to 12 meters, lush canopy; bark thick, dark brown; twigs brown, pubescent. Leaves shortly stalked, ovate-oblong to obovate-oblong, 20-30 cm long, 7-10 cm wide, apex long acuminate, base rounded, almost heart-shaped or obtuse, both sid oa beverage raw materials. Because the seeds are extremely rareOrganic Bodycare precious, so the locals cocoa seeds (cocoa beans) used as currency, called “cocoa call out force.” Half of the 16th century, cocoa spread through the isthmus of Mexico, and then spread to the territory of the Inca Empire in southern Brazil today, and soon the favorite for locals. They collect wild cacao, the seeds mashed, processed into a kind of “chocolate off in” (meaning “bitter water”) drinks named. Mid-16th century, the Europeans came to the Americas, discovered the cocoa and realize that this is a valuable cash crop, they are “in the chocolate off” based on the research and development of cocoa and chocolate. Late 16th century, the world’s first chocolate factory was established by the then Spanish government together, but a beginning and not willing to accept Organic Bodycaresome noble cocoa made food and drinks, even to the 18th century, an aristocratic British cocoa also considered “From South America to the riffraff.” Cocoa naming late, until the 18th century polymath Swedish Linnaeus was named for it, kind of addiCertification Requirements Organic food refers to come from organic agricultural production systems, according to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture production requirements and corresponding standards of Organic Bodycareproduction and processing, and to all agricultural products through independent organic food certification bodies, including grain, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, poultry livestock, aquatic products, spices and so on. Organic food production basic requirements: Production base in three years unused pesticides, fertilizers and other prohibited substances; Seeds or seedlings from nature, without genetic engineering transformation over; Production units need to establish a long-term land fertility, crop protection, crop rotation and livestock breeding programs; No Organic Bodycareproduction base erosion and other environmental problems; Organic Bodycare Crop uncontaminated chemicals in harvesting, cleaning, drying, storage and transportation; Takes more than two years of the transition period