Taipei luxury hotel you are going After listening to Miss Lin in Quanzhou

The progress of the original family is that we can’t keep up with Taiwan, but Chen Huiwen is a pair of “What are you talking about, how can I not understand?” No.1 suspected that the first mistake of hearing is not,Taipei luxury hotel you are going After listening to Miss Lin in Quanzhou, Chen Weiwen couldn’t believe the confirmation of the first time. I confirmed that Miss Lin said that Quanzhou Xiamen is not the second time that Beishang Guangshen No.2 can’t believe it. It is better than us to confirm that there is better. ? Asked if Miss Lin said that it was indeed Quanzhou, Xiamen, Chen Weiwen would continue to confirm to Miss Lin that Xiamen in Quanzhou has improved compared to Taiwan. Look at this expression and know that my eyes are stunned. I can’t believe it. The third time that No.3 is unacceptable confirms that I said that it’s Taipei. It’s not that Miss Yilan Lin and Chen Weiwen’s confirmation is that Quanzhou Xiamen is also After being better than Taiwan, he will once again ask the best Taipei in Taiwan and Xiamen in Quanzhou. This “suspension” has brought Taiwan’s tourism industry into a “cold winter.” Take Kinmen as an example, mainland tourists account for 45% of the total number of people in the “mini three links”, of which free travel accounts for 70%. If the free ban and the group limit are double-caught, the “small three links” of Kinmen are equal to half of the waist. It is estimated that the total amount of sightseeing consumption in January 2020 will be lost by more than NT$3.5 billion. What is a small three-way? The small three links refer to the coastal areas of Fujian and Jinmen Mazu. Taiwan’s free travel is limited. Ding Jiangang, director of the Tourism Department of Kinmen County, said that from September 1 to 10, the “Little Three Links” in Kinmen had only 4,273 visitors, which was 16,000 last year,Taipei luxury hotel a decrease of 74% compared with the same period last year. According to Taiwan media reports, after the mainland’s free travel to Taiwan,Taipei luxury hotel the local tourism industry quickly entered the “winter period”. Freelance traveller applications fell by 85%: According to statistics, since August,Taipei luxury hotel the number of tourists to Taiwan has dropped sharply. Specifically, the number of inbound documents submitted by mainland tour groups to the Taiwan Immigration Department has dropped from an average of 4,500 work-days per week to only 630 on August 30, a significant reduction of 86%; The number of applications for travellers decreased from an average of 5,000 per day to 783 on August 30,Taipei luxury hotel a drop of 85%. Hotel occupancy rate dropped by one-third: Li Qiyue, convenor of the Taiwan Travel Association, said that since the mainland suspended the personal tour to Taiwan, the occupancy rate of accommodation facilities in Taipei City and Hualien City has dropped by about one-third. The tour guide is on holiday and the tourist bus is idle: “The sudden drop in mainland tourists has seriously affected Taiwan’s tourism industry. Some tour guides have unpaid leave, tourist buses are idle, and even travel agencies,Taipei luxury hotel restaurants, hotels, etc. can be said to enter the winter. ‘