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Guangming Daily “stay Pok” magazineinterior design singapore published a bright “stay Pok” list on December  in Beijing, and stay Pok change and development industry for some sort.  Education Group Shanghai Sanriku zero Educationinterior design singapore Investment Co., Ltd. to obtain: “best integrity management organization.” December interior design singaporeXinhua Education Forum, “the big country sound education” campaign in Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel. Renowned education experts, leaders who Pok, officials, media people ainterior design singaporend well-known educational institutions of more than  people will gather. In the poll,  Education interior design singaporeGroup through intermediaries remain zero Pok and promote free education to get four awards. to create conditions for promoting your extraordinary career. Game Design (three-year / full-time) Pok fee: S $ 66,000 which is currently the fastest growing industries in the world. Challenge game design lets you have the imagination and more exciting game of life. This course? Almost all concentrinterior design singaporeated in the creative arts of the game. You will be integrated into all aspects of game design, Pok learning how to design and manufacture three-dimensional rofessional knowledge, improve the technical level, pioneering research and development skills to be comfortable with changing design industry challenges and fierce competition. Specialty Fashion Design Interior Design Multimedia Design Graphic Design course Objective  Pok students improve application design capabilities to meet professional practitioners standards.  culture Pok raw diverse professional capabilities, the ability to work both independently, teamwork, and a wealth of management capabilities to operate together to complete the design project. deepen Pok students on the theoretical basis of design understanding., Pok students in-depth expls located Pok Lai Shi international school in Singapore Singapore campus (NEXUS Iinterior design singaporeNTERNATIONALinterior design singapore SCHOOL, SINGAPORE) was formerly Established in  Pok American International School, in July 2011 changed its name to NEXUS, campus is located in Ulu Pandan Road in Singapore, covering more than acres, from kindergarten to high school international courses, including the IB PYP curriculum, Cambridge Commointerior design singaporen in Pok courses, International Baccalaureate curriculum IBDP, Pok school has more than rom more than 40 countries, Pok students, campus size can accommodate up to 1ok students. ???? since July 2011 changed its name to Lai ShCaseTrust” of Qualification Case Trust (attach certificate); enjoy the charm and meaning of multiculturalism, profound experience of international communication and integration; internationally recognized diploma and curriculum, to build knowledge and skills to enter the field of international work to shape the international standard professional image.Curriculum design professional direction undergraduate courses Fashion Design Graphic Design Multimedia Design Animation Game Design Interior Design Jewellery Design Product Design (product design, furniture design) Fainterior design singaporeshurse (IBPYP) candidateinterior design singapore Pok school, as well as international Pok Pok school school council candidate, is currently able to meet more than 40 different countrieo teach Pok Internet, using a specially designed Apple 1: 1 teaching Pok system. KG Kindergarten to Year 6, Pok school offers Apple and ipad platform, set up different courses for different levels of learning Pok Pok students performed at different levels to teach Pok. Pok Pokinterior design singapore school to change the traditional teaching mode, use the computer, set the scene and the real game, so that small Pok students to acquire knowledge in the cow Pok school designated assessment; English IELTS 6.0 (Pok surgery class) or equivalent. Master Pok-bit: Bacheinterior design singaporelor design, art or media graduates; non-graduates over Bachelor, must provide at least 3 years of related industries proven experience design projects and design projects presentation, visual art; or provide a considerable Pok course proved to graduate degrees; interior design singapore English IELTinterior design singapore points (Pok surgery class) or equivalent. Original Source: English name: Raffles Design Pok hospital website: Pok school Overview: Design in modern life everywhere, it may be a media design, advertising design or specific product design, web design, or it can be home landscapinvaAncient