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mpany Guidance StandardRegister company templates Partnerships Overseas companies and European companies internationally-miRegister companynded atmosphere. Though Hong Kong’s residents come from all over the world nearly everything can be conducted in English? Post-incorporation Learn more International Startups are welcome! flexible approach Every company have different motivation to start a new Hong Kong company. so we can offer lower Register companyprices.registered your business,Visit our Why HK ForumContact General Enquiries No capital investment required ????? Minimum one share to be issued ($1 HKD=1share) ????? You don’t even have to be physically present in Hong Kong. Once your firm’s alre0* USD 1210* USD 1910*^ Company Registration Local Secretary Service (mandatory) Provision of Legal Address (mandatory) All Government Fees Bank Account Opening Introduction (in Hong Kong) Nominee Service (director + shareholder) ORDER NOW ORDER NOW ORDER NOW * The price is valid until October ^ Refundable deposit of USD 2000 is required ONE-DAY Register companyCompany Formation is available for only USD 300 extra Time left to the end of promotion: Register companyPlease fill in the form and click the “Submit” button We will do our best to contact you ASAP We look forward to assist your business Pros and Cons of Setting up a Hong Kong company: Incorporation Process: Step 1 – Pre-incorporation Step 2 – Incorporation Step 3 – Post-incorporation Contactrve as your nominal company secretarRegister companyy) ????? You must register within one month of starting business. Processing Times If you submit your application for business registration in paper form, please refer to the business registration fee and levy table? your application for company incorporation includes a simultaneous application for business registration.Taxes levied only on profits arising in HK Learn more How do we register your company? Company Incorporation in Hong Kong – 3 or 4 steps: ????? Pre-incorporation ????? One stop company incorporatioany by submitting an application to the Companies Registry. Company Name guidelines: The proposed name will likely be rejected if the name: Company names containing words or expressionsRegister company such as ‘Trust’, ‘BureauRegister company’, ‘Cooperative’, ‘Government’ etc.will require prior approval from the Chief Executive. In some cases, the use of certain words and expressions in company names is covered by other legislation. For example, use of expressions like ‘Bank’, ‘Stock Exchange’ etc. should not contravene the related legislation and approval from the relevant body/authority is required prior to usage. For more details, refer to Company Name Guidelines. Company Registration with Companies Registry Once the name has been approved.the incorporation request can beRegister company filed with the Companies Registry by submitting the siness with the Inland Revenue Department’s Business Registration Office and obtain a Business Registration Certificate. Business Registration with the Inland Revenue Department must be done within one month after incorporation with the Companies Registry, The business registration number that appears on the BusinRegister companyess Registration Certificate is also the respective company’s profits tax (corporate tax) file number. On receiving the application, The Business Registration Certificate must be displayed on the office premises at all times. Hiring a Professional Services Firm The professional services firm you have engaged for your company formation will nRegister companyormally take care of all the necessary formalities from the beginning to the end. The firm you hire will: To read answers to most frequently asked questions about Hong Kong limited liability company registration, refer to Hong Kong Company FAQs – Part I.your business registration certificate will be issued in 30 minutes over the counter, please refer to the business registration fee and levy table? One stop company incoRegister companyrporation and busine working days by post.Visit our Why HK ForumContact General Enquiries for the current charge. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be held within 18 months of incorporation, Companies must file within 1 month of notification. therefore we are trying to be transparent. Lowest rates We are trying to be more effecient every day. Limited liability companies have a separate legal personality, The firm you hire will: To read answers to most frequently asked questions about Hong Kong limited liability company registration.