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Design Software Course Singapore Do quite satisfactory, we chose the furniture is very clear, not particularly complex. Thank you teacher. Moderator: Thank you tianyang. DavidChang: do any design everything from flat start, including planning and functional space plane, I thiDesign Software Course Singaporenk your performance in this respect the functional layout is good, although the two old people.He can do on the desk of his craft and calligraphy, you enlarge the bathroom, in terms of an old shower must be large, so they are more convenient to use the shower at the time, which is doing very well. Your littlen the photo, you can apply at home on this side of the wall. ThDesign Software Course Singaporee owner of this room is a little girl, usually living alone, the family bed can be stretched, Mom can stretch open bed. 85 level is not particularly large.I think how better to make use of this functionality into the house, more on the functional considerations. Thank you! Moderator: she had just been finished, and I believe Design Software Course Singaporethe audience and the judges you have questions to ask her teacher. Cui Huafeng: Because this square with my own family is very close to the square, our house is 90 square feet. I’ve been thinking about what I told her fit between the design, I think the design is very good, first opened her kitchen.I think the fumes is not much of a barrier, more than 80 square meters and 90 square meters of livinDesign Software Course Singaporeg in China at present is not too much, more treasured space. I noticed two single sofa sandCommission and designers media pm Hello everyone!Is proud to participate in the 2014 Sohu? Nature Cup Finals. Nature as exclusive title party, a warm welcome home to nature and heartfelt thanks to all our friends live! 2014 the entire building materials industry is not how the market economy, we also tried to do the group headquartersDesign Software Course Singapore of the tie, as well as the introduction of high-end products, but also inseparable from the support of friends. We call on the slogan, you give me a rough housing.I give you a healthy and comfortable home. We will stay natural environmental health products 1.4 billion Chinese people’s home, let us become more welcoming home some. The introduction of better health and environmental protection of nature, more upscale products that help us flooring, doors, caDesign Software Course Singaporebinets of these products. I hope this can be a successful finals. Moderator: Xie Xieguo always wonderful speech, we enter today’s final session, the first to enter the professional group PK.Professional group first player Li Huanan Li Huanan: Hello everyone, I am a designer Li Huanan, here to tell you Design Software Course Singaporeabout myself and my work. I’m from Shenyang IKEA designers, design concepts are IKEA, as a designer has been five years. Personal design philosophy is for people’s needs for them to make the appropriate solution. Home is not what we call cement stgn.” The key depends on the implemenDesign Software Course Singaporetation, “home power “2014 Sohuature Cup star Eleventh Chinese interior design contest by Sohu, Sohu focus organized support China Interior Decoration Association, the country’s total natural home the title, will be held in Beijing Easyhome Top Design Center December 26 National Finals! Twenty players from acrDesign Software Course Singaporeoss the five regions will contest the race site! The answer will be revealed to you. Ladies and gentlemen, Hello everybody afternoon, I’m your host Chen Xuejiao.Welcome to you all for coming! Nature home cDesign Software Course Singaporeountry overall title, and received strong support from China Interior Decoration Association, as well as top-level design actually home centers. In the north, east, south, northeast, northwest, and other five Division are designed to set off a boom, the contest set up a professional space groups, student groups and student product group space, whether it is covered with earth