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Outdoor Lounge Furnitureoor furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, library furniture, children’s furniture, dining room furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture (equipment) and auxiliary furniture and other categories. 4, according to the structure of the furniture category: Helping furniture, disassembly of furniture, folding furniture, modular f Outdoor Lounge Furniture urniture, and even wall furniture, hanging furniture. 5, the effect of the shape of the furniture according to the classification, general furniture, art furniture. 6, according to the grade of classification furniture products can be divided into: upscale, upscale, mid-range, medium and low, low. How to distinguish the product grade it? Mainly to see the price, bedroom, sofas, beds can be seormance. 10 production style Editing Chinese classical How to divide the Ming and Qing furniture Ming and Qing furniture into Beijing for the Soviet Union to make and wide for. Beijing for the Beijing area refers to the production of furniture, sandalwood, pear and mahogany and other hardwood furniture, forming a luxurious features. Su refers to SuzhouOutdoor Lounge Furniture area for the production of furniture, has a long history as the center of Suzhou Jiangnan region, the birthplace of the Ming-styleet, tedious carving often undermine tvhe overall sense, and bulky shape, feel good, but not conducive to clean, which is a great pity. European classical This is a luxurious, elegant classical style. The real high-end European furniture in full teak is preferred. Velvet furniture pieces are part of the general frame decorated with gold thread, Phnom Penh, wall wallpaper, carpets, curtains, bedspreads, draperies and decorative painting pattern or object is classical. This style is characterized by luxury, elegance, residents cOutdoor Lounge Furniturean spend more effort on the wallpaper, carpeOutdoor Lounge Furnitureexhilaration Lee, Hengli, such as resistance to Montreal. races of ink clean seedlings. 5, salt Maintenance Act Salt maintenance of furniture, furniture will be more durable. To clean and polish the surface of the copper household items, first with the same amount of salt, flour and vinegar and mix into a paste, coated with a soft cloth, one hour later with a clean, soft cloth to wipe and polish. If you spray vinegar on the copper ornaments, sprinkle salt, can play a polished effect. First with a sponge, then carefully cleaned, make sure to remo furniture design. Due to these five countries near the North Pole, the weather is cold, rich in forest resources, thus creating a unique interior décor. Nordic sent home to return to nature, advocating wood flavor, plus a modern, practical and beautiful art style, reflecting the post-modern city into another direction of thinking in modern society after. Scandinavian-style basic spirit is: emphasis on functionality, people-oriented design. There are efforts to shape simple Scandinavian furniture, natural color, advocating wood flavor, reflecting the high quality of life residents Nordic pursuit. Scandinavian furniture form and decoration showing restraint, respect for traditional values, preference for natural materials, the unity of form aOutdoor Lounge Furniturend function, quality of hand-esteem. Scandinavian furniture emphasizes simple structure and functio 11 buying tips Editing A living room furniture selection 1 Sofa Select For living in the city, acOutdoor Lounge Furniturecustomed to the hustle and bustle of the modern city, the Mediterranean-style furniture meets people back to nature and a higher quality of life requirements. Especially for young people, Mediterranean-style colors, styles and so on and young people prefer Outdoor Lounge Furniture furniture out tenon, old furniture, all parties mortise, tenon is locked shoot sub. If you see two round mortise can note is machined, is certainly a new imitation. 3, see the wood: Some furniture surfaces appear uneven wood, but it depends on whether these wood with a wire brush to wipe out hard. 4, see the renovathttp://boulevardoutdoorfurniture.com/collections/outdoor-lounges