Weatherproof Furniture

Weatherproof Furniture Modern furniture on the basis of the industrial revolution, through advances and new materials and new technology inventions of science and technology, extensively absorb the idea of anthrWeatherproof Furnitureopology, sociology, philosophy, aesthetics, closely followed the developmeon and denotation space expandi and availability of products. However, with the improvement of living standards of consumers, consumer awareness Weatherproof Furnitureis gradually changing. Also satisfied with the practical and aesthetic, the requirements for quality of life are increasing. Decorative and functional indispensable! Therefore, the marWeatherproof Furnitureket potential of high-end furniture products can be imagined, will become the mainstream in the future market trend. Modern furniture trends are the following: Depends on several aspects of quality furniture styles, materials and use of effects, etc., used in the furniture surface with a variety of decorative pieces for decoration, from the finishing point; will have to depend on the functional use of hardware accessories, and functional hardware and to some extent determines the style of furniture. New hardware accessories development and introduction, in function, style, update and improve the quality onWeatherproof Furniture development also gives constantly updated furniture styles and functionality. Furniture hardwareWeatherproof Furniture and decorative hardware can be divided into two major caCowboy style wood furniture Weatherproof FurnitureCowboy style wood furniture (2) From the cheapest pine, oak, mahogany to expensive, the price difference between the number of timeWeatherproof Furnitures, so do not consider because it is wood species. Also in the same species, depending on the origin of differences, such as Finnish pine prices are generally higher than the domestic pine doubled. Observation of wood Open furniture doorsOWeatherproof Furniturebserve whether the drawer or door frame tilt, with or without tenon eye position contorted or eyelets too large, loose tenon and other parts of the low standard of workmanship caused by skewed. Wooden furniture should have security and stability, after the two doors open 90 degrees, hand gently pull forward, the cabinet should not automatically forward tipping; glass bulkheads should be of five board production. Safety performance rd warping uneven, cracked deformation phenomena, and can improve the physical strength in all directioWeatherproof Furniturens of the plate; Five, Sliced veneer thick veneer is a selection of excell o occurs, it can be said no matter what the timber, how exquisite workmanship, are very difficult to avoid these problems. Weatherproof FurnitureDetermine whether it is a mystery is bookcase doors to go through the milling process; full-length mirror and to insWeatherproof Furnituretall the dresser back, layering the glass surface should be fixed. Individual parts of furniture (such as legs, dWeatherproof Furniturerawers, doors or brackets, etc.) must have sufficient load bearing capacity. You can nudge the upper corners of furniture or sitting on the side, try the furniture is solid. Check the interface Heavy furniture should be coupled with screws in corner protection pieces, and glued. As for the back part, you mustts are rough, whether brushing paint streaks, the angular position of the pigments are applied too thick, cracks or air bubbles. Panel veneer cladding and other materials, the color should be similar with the suite of products, the product surface coating does not allow wrinkled skin, hair paint adhesion and leakage. Solid wood furniture fear most is water and fire. Fire would not have said, on fear of water, thWeatherproof Furnitureere is an old saying: dry yearsWeatherproof Furniture and wet years, dry as wet had not years, say is solid wood afraid of the water. . The second category approach is through deep processing of wood pieces stitched together the finger board as a substrate of pure solid wood furniture, solid wood veneer on the outside again. However, the market touches a kind of imitation rattan Weatherproof Furnitureoutdoor furniture – West rattan,Outdoor Furniture Picture