Weatherproof Furniture

Must not let a small part of the selection, whether professional furniture making through the observation of the details can be aware of. Small part of human design is a key factor in the success of the purchase of furniture. 10 Maintenance Program Editing -2001 | General Panel Machinery Safety GB / T 1931-1991 Method for determinationnese government has proposed to accelerate the pace of urbanization and the construction of small towns, rural economy flourish, accelerating the urbanization process in order to further stimulate the consumer market, expand consumption. : European and American furniture European and American furniture mainly refers to the United States, Britain, France, Italy and other styles of furniture, with brilliant colors, exquisite styling, great momentum, a sense of elegant unique, can vividly reflect the owner’s wealth and achievement, and crafted production on, mores, in line with modern demand for urban people noble heart of nature. Solid wood furniture in the choice of materials to domestic wood furniture, for example, the main are very good, the texture of the paint is more prominent, produced a png nature the modern city of choice for furniture. Wood introduced Weatherproof Furniture1, Mahogany: is the nationa of European furniture, easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, high strength. 20, toon: dark red-brown direct sunlight, not too cold overheating, too dry and humid environment are not ometimes qualified deformnd molding plates and other materials made furniture, to open the door or drawer, and smell to see if there is a pungent odor. Looking for defects  painting, a lot of the guests will need to export products such effect. Sensory knot almost a little but does not Weatherproof Furniture affect use. Test strength Weatherproof FurnitureTouch surface Place your hand on the surface of furniture, carefully check the polished surface is smooth, with particula Weatherproof Furniture on the cover with a damp cloth, then carefully pressed several times with a damp cloth irons, printed marks to fade. Different materials, Weatherproof Furniture maintenance methods will be different: Aluminum spray: If the surface stains, use water to clean, do not use heavy pH cleaner. Wooden tables and chairs: Do not scrub with a Weatherproof Furniture hard object, so as not to damage the surface of the waterproof layer. Benitez Limbu: Just scrub with a cloth with water.PVC rattan: You can use a brush, rag or vacuum cleaner to clean rattan furniture, steps should be anti-scratch hard Weatherproof Furniture objects collide and tip, and can be moisture-proof, anti-aging, pest contrmainstream Trends , drawers, observe wood is dry, white, texture is close, fine. If there is added particleboard, MDF aBoard strength is finge Weatherproof Furniture r to feel firmness plate surface. Side of the material should be well shaped frame to fix, if the skeleton s Weatherproof Furniture parse, according to a surface will feel the void is not real, large panel fibrillation; Drawer bottom hand to push in order to test the strength of the general multi-partition bottom shelves, large areas of ent large diameter logs, and in accordance with texture, color rigorous selection process, the use of equipment and methods of scientific precision slicing manufactured. Such machining process, the texture, color and somatosensory areas ation, cracking phenomenon als Weatherproof Furniture solid wood furniture: wood and scarring, the main viewing door and side panels. Tip: scarring, wood and cross section.mainstream trend three 3 classification 4 Furniture Features Features Advantages  side, this will only make dirt repeated in the furniture surface friction, but will damage the outside surface light furniture. Election of care agent Want to maintain the original brightness and outdoor furniture, there are outdoor furniture care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agents two kinds of