Organic Bodycare

Farm 1 Use natural fertilizers (compost) to feed the soil, increase soil nutrients. After three years ago 2 farming fallow, so that the soil residual toxic substances naturally disappear. 3 farming process Organic Bodycare does not use pesticides, insecticides, synthetic (chemical Organic food Organic food School) fertilizer. 4. respect natural ecosystems and circulation. Feeding 1 natural feed organic feed must meet specifications. 2 must be stocked for its survival in the natural outdoor environment. 3 prohibit the use of antibiotics, hormones or growth hormone. ei Gang said Zhang Yu to make “life information-control technology” very effective. “With Saman technological achievements, can create a safe, high efficacy treatment of AIDS, leukemia, all kinds of tumors, diabetes, high cholesterol, uremia and other incurable diseases drugs by alternating electric field to control gene expression in microbes, making microbial fermentation after the generation of anti-microbial agents have pests, increase soil fer Organic Bodycare anic foods onto the family dinner table. Compared with traditional food, organic food grown in pollution-free environment or nurture, not only do not use pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, etc. of chemical substances, but also tr of product categories for 1249; product sales of 3.71 billion yuan of domestic exports $ 136 million; total certified area of 1.655 Organic Bodycarenic production scale is small, a large investment in human resources, risk costs and transportation costs are relatively high, so the price of natural organic products are more expensive. However, conventional agriculture is not the environmental costs such as pollution, soil fertility decline and other damage included, if the environmental costs reflected in the price, is that if long-term consumption of healthy green food, can significant Organic Bodycare ly increase the feeling of immunity, physical fitness will improve, which is a normal phenomenon toxins gradually excluded. 6 Food Identification Editing First look at the label if logies, and does not prohibit the use of genetic engineering technology . Such as the use of green genetic engineering and radiation technology is not specified. 2) the production of transition, from the production of other foods to organic foodve the odor, adjust the incense timber potency. For example when making a fragrant wine to match or carbon juice, sesame pas Organic Bodycare te cooked in water or mud. Fried Fragrant wood must be cut into appropriate grind size, low heat and slowly fry, sometimes adding other spices mixed Scoop browned or a smoke, to remove the material itself has the smell of incense. Such as sand Organic Bodycare alwood smell of fish. Cannon Incense timber directly on the pot and saute with the fire emergency timber, stir together sometimes add sand, used to change the incense timber potency. 11 Magical spices Editing Spices and other ical products, although also beginning to smell fragrant, but multi-use but harmful to health. Moreover, even the smell alone Organic Bodycare, the chemical flavor just close and far from comparable with natural flavors. Chemical flavor category incense has been able to navigate the open, but also because most pilgrims just put incense as a ritual ceremony. Since no smells, no goods incense, just burn incense, watching incense, is naturally overlooked materials, formulations and quality incense, and only concerned with the aesthetic appearance incen Organic Bodycare se or scented gaudy ural, while the core content spice selection, processing, compatibility, heat, etc. have been discarded. One consequence is that the process of interruption incense and incense recipe loss spectrum, as well as real technical mastery of traditional incense very few people. Althoughre taste and aroma. Chinese scientific name Cocoa Latin name cacao Another name can be added to the tree Two law Theobroma cacao Flora sector Door angiosperm Gang