Baby Pram

placed in a car trunk, a journey time of much help. Compared with A car seat is slightly narrower, adjustable angle is smaller. 3, European-type stroller A and B above stroller specifications Asia, Europe and the Asian benchmark yield different stroller. This car can lie down, like a Model A, but Baby Pramlike a B car as easy storage. Europe has pension 6, built-spring rear axle design Built-spring rear axle is baby sitting stroller main focus car suddenlymust be fixed to the wheel brake, before leaving after confirmation does not move. 13, must not be in the baby car, the car carrying the man brought together. The correct approach is one hugs the baby in one hand and picked up the stroller. 14, when the baby car, on both sides of the pulley lock must be completely locked state. 15, opening or closing the stroller, do not let your baby close, so as not to accidentally hurBaby Pramt the baby. 16, when in use, do not implement too fast, so accident prone. 17, do not lift the front wheel alone ue to high temperature deformation, resulting in the stroller is not working. 42, do not place the frame regardless of the stained sand, because there are likely to affect the sliding device, so that thBaby Prame stroller can not open and close. 43, do not use the stroller to carry the luggage. 44, carts or other adults do not sit on the armrest. 45, if the stroller to a sharp fall from a height of power, would not have to use. 46, buy a used stroller, to ask for instructions, and detailed examination of the various parts. 47, when the stroller away, it is best to send together with the manual. 48, the besBaby Prampening in the front, folding stroller look, see if you can successfully open. 49, if the home is wider than the best buy two strollers, a car is to travel umbrellas, the other one is in the district where the ordinary stroller or luxury trolley. Necessities. However, according to the baby’s growth, the intended use, the stroller can be divided into many types. Mainly in accordance with the standard loe inspected. Toy carts in accordance with the relevant standards have handles or other parts of the folding mechanism, toy wheel babyBaby Pram carriages, toys, prams and similar toys, if the handle or other structural components may be folded and pressed in children,  locking device and an auxiliary locking device, the two devices should be directly on the folding mechanism; toy vehicle when installed, at least one locking device to be automatically locked. At the time of purchase, the consumer not only to examine whether there is sufficient devices, while also carefully examine their quality. Children’s strollers have handrailsBaby Pram on the failure occurred so that the child’s hand clamped injury accident. 4 baby car brand Editing UPPAbaby stroller (USA) U.S. ZOOPER (eg Po) strollers anglebay stroller A Puli good stroller As something precious baby carriages Quinny strBaby Pramoller Boy stroller Stokke stroller Inglesina stroller Greer stroller ABC design pram Peg Perego stroller How beautiful special stroller (the whole road SUV strod into two kinds of flat and horizontal, no matter what kind, it’s best to let the baby 6 months or less used because infants 6 months or more activities of ability, easierBaby Pram to accidents. Also, do not put debris or sun umbrella hanging on baby car armrest, otherwise it will make the center of gravity and baby carriages overturned. 10 Do not negligence, the baby in the car, and then himself away, crushed tragedy. 11, after the infant car purchase