Weatherproof Furniture

Weatherproof Furniture 5, table mats as cushions in hot dishes, soup spills and avoid foods high temperature step, contamination or damage to the desktop; 6, should be placed under strong sunlight exposure, can not be placed too dry place to prevent the exclusion of fission-shaped timber; 7, try to avosheet metal is a good helper waterproof moisture. Solid woms, remember to tap the glass and metal decorative surface; 6 before cleaning furniture, you should use the f Weatherproof Furniture eather duster like the soft surface cleaner dust treatment, with a soft cloth lightly wipe can stick a small amount of water or the amount of detergent to clean up. The plates can be periodically used “furniture wax care” to clean up process, while mainta symbolic elements, which itself although no feelings, but once contact with people’s lives, people became expression Georgia furniture modern furniture — Georgia furniture modern furniture — Emotional tools. In furniture design, use of color, can be designed to reflect the style of the li Weatherproof Furniture ving environment, reflecting the occupational characteristics of occupants, aesthetic and cultural qualities. Furniture designers not only to the use of form and texture to the performance of the furniture design style, but also make full use of color to express the mood of the design, they are accustome Weatherproof Furniture d to from a variety of natural colors, to extract, summarize, and content designed according to appropriate color layout att lacquer, etc. to show the natural color of the wood. Solid wood furniture – Georgia Solid wood furniture – Georgia (12) There are several forms of solid wood furniture, it? One is pure solid wood furniture. That is all the furniture is solid wood timber, including the desktop, closet doors, side panels etc. made of pure wood, do not use any other form of wood-based panels. Pure solid furniture, wood natural texture, feel and color and solid wood furniture exactly the same, but in fact it is solid wood and wood-based panels mix of furniture, that side top, bottom, shelves and 1, anti-bending, anti-aging, coigh, dry shrink.  chemical solvents other stains. If the furniture surface stains, do not rub hard fierce, Gently used warm tea will stain removal, wait until after the evaporation of water in the original parts coated with a little light wax, then wipe lightly grind several times to form a protective film. ▪ status quo  rattan prices cheap, dirty brushes look like, and durable, more suitable for outdoor use election. 6 species Editing Among the pastoral beauty o illion yuan, an increase of 31.12%; realized a total profit of 17.539 billion yuan, an incsehold furniture in the audio-visual cabinet, jewelry cabinet, bar, kitchen furniture, children’s furniture, especially the information age SOFO office furniture, it is a modern furniture new categories generated in th Weatherproof Furniture e process of development, their different features, different cultural vocabulary, to meet the different needs of different psychological and physiological use groups. 8 modern furniture maintenance Editing Solid wood furniture — Do not store wood furniture in the roomechnology to be reflected. Furniture materials are two categories: one for natural materials (such as wood, bamboo, rattan, etc.), two artificial materials (such as plastic, glass, metal, etc.). Different materials, making the furniture in the processing technology, to bring people on the visual and tactile feel different, because the material itself has the characteristics of surface texture by manual processing to make it more publicity: make smooth flowing material beauty, rough the material has the appearance of simplicity, the skin feeling soft material of …… these materials processing but also to make sense of the furniture produced light weight, soft andiness card. Three touch: natural wood grain and