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Outdoor Lounge Furniture Because no two exactly the same tree, two exactly the same material, so that each product will have its unique features, the natural characteristics of the timber, such as a mineral line, color and texture changes of the needle section, the capsule, and other natural resins ma Outdoor Lounge Furniturek , have made furniture richer natural beauty. Temperature effect Just saw timber down more Outdoor Lounge Furniture than 50% of its water content, in order to put this wood processing into furniture, need to be carefully dried wood to reduce its moisture content to a certain extent, in order to ensure that the final pr Outdoor Lounge Furnitureble, from the bottom of the check. To see if the seams reinforced with screws and wedges, strips and fastening rungs close it? There is no excess glue joint Outdoor Lounge Furnitures and fillers. Determine the origin Outdoor Lounge FurniturePay particular attention to the origin of wood furniture, wood manufacturers. There is an old saying “solid wood, but the Yangtze River”, that the production of solid wood furniture in the south to the north, the climate impact because of the moisture content, which tends to crack, deformation and other problems. So buy time to see the origin. Drawer details Drawer should be a solid firm, the internal  also check whether the insert is good, and Shang Outdoor Lounge FurnitureHao screws. Good solid wood furniture, etc. are based on tongue and groove connection, partial load is relatively large in the place, but also the use of screws and protection blocks, etc. reinforcement Outdoor Lounge Furniture. If Outdoor Lounge Furniture you see solid wood furniture, using all manner of fixing screws, then the extent of this type of furniture is firmly not high. Determine the extent of the furniture firm, furniture shake the feeling that you can take to determine their stability. Test slide Drawer should be strong, and in the internal screw. Might opened the drawer, the various parts of the Active Desktop, doors, etc., to see whether ensure ease and properly connected. Solid wood furniture Outdoor Lounge FurnitureSolid wood furniture r view table legs and other pare, up and down both sides of the cover two thick veneer Sliced ​​veneer, can better eliminate boaScarring: optimistic scar on the side where the location, and then on the other side to find whether there is a corresponding pattern. Wood: she looks is a pattern, then the corresponding change in the pattern of this position, the back door to see the corresponding pattern, if the corresponding well is pure wood. Section: dark color of the section than the panel, and can be seen to be made ​​of the wood piece. Determine species This is a direct impact on the price and quality factors. Ordinary wood furniture usually beech, white oak, ash, elm, toon, catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak, mahogany furniture and valuable mainly rosewood, wenge, rosewood. Solid wood furniture market is chaotic, often shoddll be on the furniture including spare parts provided free warranty, which is conventional. Some companies extend the warranty period, the warranty is also made ​​corresponding changes to the content. National or local business sector because there is no corresponding regulations, many businesses are often promised a full warranty on the verbal, not reflected in the contract. development oppor from the back (5) Surface decorative properties. Under normal circumstances, the performance of surface decoration refers to finish its feasirot, corrosion of metal parts, easy to open plastic bonded parts detachment. Furniture cleaning water usually as little as possible, to be hanged more alkaline water, the water is only appropriate to tighten the net damp cloth, then wipe clean with a dry cloth 4 furniture may not be placed in a high temperature, humidity, vibration and light strong place, keep the room ventilated and dry; 5 can not hit hard furniture ite http://boulevardoutdoorfurniture.com/collections/outdoor-lounges