Now that the weather has started to heat up slowly nail central

Now that the weather has started to heat up slowly nail central , the taste of the dog will be even more stinky nail central. This requires the pet owner to take more bathing care for the dog nail central . Of course, give the dog a bath, but you can not ignore these places, oTrotters are a kind of food that we often eat. Most of the pig’s trotters that are bought outside are made of halogen nail central. The color is rosy and delicious, but the price is very expensive. It would be great if you could make delicious pig’s trotters at home nail central. Many people think that the trotters are particularly suffocating nail central, and they are very greasy and not easy to clean up. In fact, you don’t know how to do it. If you can do it, the pig’s trotters are not greasy, and they can also be used for beauty. Today, I will teach you a non-greasy trotters called beer trotters. Is it novel? The original beer can also be used as a pig’s trotter. The pig’s trotters made from this beer are not only greasy and delicious, but also very tender for children. Prepare the main ingredients of pig’s trotters, a bottle of beer, prepare the appropriate amount of salt, the amount of edible oil, the amount of soy sauce, the amount of soy sauce, the amount of large amount of ingredients, the amount of MSG, the amount of chicken essence, the amount of garlic, the method of making ginger, we first clean up the pigs Hoof, pick up the pig’s trotters to ignite the gas stove and then burn the hairy part of the pig’s trotters on the gas stove so that the pig hair can be easily removed. After the calcination, we rinsed the pig’s trotters with tap water, and then prepared to boil the water. After boiling, we put the pig’s hooves in, just to remove the smell and greasy. We cook in the water for a minute, then use the colander to remove the pig’s hooves and put them in a basin for later use. After the puppies after drowning, we waited for a while and then cut off the nails on the trotters with a knife. After cutting, we can use fried trotters. Prepare a pot and pour the right amount of oil. In order to reduce the amount of greasy, we do not need to use soybean oil instead of peanut oil. When the oil temperature rises, we put the pig’s trotters into the frying. Until the pig’s trotters change color, we use the chopsticks in the pot to turn the pig’s trotters and continue to fry. After the two sides are fried and discolored, we can put in other seasonings. First, put the appropriate amount of soy sauce and soy sauce into it, then add the right amount of salt. Cover the lid for a while, then turn off the fire. We poured the pig’s trotters in the pot into the pressure cooker, and the trotters that came out were more tender. When we put it in, we put the beer in. I just put a bottle of beer. If you have more trotters, you can put more beer in it. After putting the beer, add garlic, ginger, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, and large ingredients, then cover and simmer on the lid. After the water was opened, we cooked for five minutes, then changed to a small fire for about ten minutes. The pig’s trotters were cooked.