fly too far eternity ring

The fragments that come back in memory are sweet, bitter, and more heartache. 2, this world, the moonlight is still, the reflection of ice and snow is a bit cold, the most is not seen, falling snow into a hay, and so on, who asked, who asked, just heard from the old. 3, because I know that you are a child who is easy to worry, so I will hand you the line but I don’t dare to fly too far eternity ring. 4. Later, we wore our own pride, did not bother each other, and walked for a long time. 5. Who has no story in his heart, just learned to control. Don’t forget your heart, you have to always. 6, looking through the autumn water eternity ring, just to find you back and smile, good things are always short, heavy steps with a different rhythm, in the light years of youth, sing a few degrees of affectionate encounter, know each other. 7. At the right time, meeting the right person is a happy life; at the right time eternity ring, the person who meets the wrong person is a heartache; at the wrong time, it is absurd to meet the wrong person; at the wrong time When you meet the right person, it is a sigh. 8. The distance is long and the thoughts are blocked. It will make you far away from me. 9. We always love too early, give up too fast, make promises easily, and don’t want to wait for results. The ring is no longer a promise of a lifetime, and the oath of lifelong obedience has become a brand of commemoration eternity ring. A ring is like love: it is worn on the hand, and it is also worn on the heart; it hurts in the hand and hurts it in the heart;Unwilling to pick is the hard love; the one who dares not touch is the wound in the heart. 10, time back, who lost what is forever, the dust is like a dream, who has made up forever, the past, the memories of the past. 11, you can not believe in love at first sight, but must listen to the call of the heart. If you are single, you must be active when you see someone you like. 12. Feelings can be disintegrated in a flash. Just like us eternity ring, it was broken in an instant. 13. I have been forcibly giving some things to you. My time, my love, my hustle and bustle, my jealousy and cuteness, I never asked if you want it or not, I only know that I never give it to others. 14, sad time, fragile heart, short-term lovesickness, such hurts, counts down this other confession eternity ring, telling the confession of the heart, waiting for the seeing of the meeting, is really using the heart, Shallow tears hurt people, Acacia deeply crossed the traces of the heart, walking on the road of helplessness, identification and meeting can not sail together, waiting for tears always accompany.