Taiwan Taipei hotel布置得很雅致很有特色

Taiwan Taipei hotel implements transformation and support, and upgrades and transforms farmers’ own houses and existing farmhouses, as well as the existing tourist accommodation facilities in the town. The Taiwan Taipei hotel has passed the preliminary examination of the district and county, and the city-level assessment has reached the basic conditions of the hotel. The scale of operation (more than 3 rooms) will be awarded 10,000-30,000 yuan. There are more than 105 self-operated open service cities, and the number of service houses in Hualien Bundle has exceeded 8,000 sets, and it is currently ranked first in the industry in terms of business scale. Nearly half of the new listings are currently recommended by existing owners. In the room of Taiwan Taipei hotel, simple and practical log furniture, wood-embossed cement molded wall, large-size glass door, skylight in the middle of the building, which can be seen on the bed, integrates the indoor and outdoor scenery, making the occupants Integrate the whole body and mind into nature and integrate into the wetlands. Living in a room with a view of the scenery, Hualien B&B Resort Mountain Stay is a light industrial style Yishan B&B converted from a single-family home. This is the first rural slow life experience area in Zhejiang Province – Fuchun River (Luts) slow life experience area. Hualien B&B is in the middle of a green valley. It is densely forested outside the house, and the deep pool is clear and clear. Self-employed is committed to solving the core pain points of landlord management, income, and self-use. It focuses on providing professional services to industry participants in four major sections: generation operations, house cleaning, house maintenance, and online malls. In the self-support matrix, Taiwan Taipei hotel can choose online hosting or offline cleaning services to improve the quality of housing services, whether it is the landlord, the individual owner of the hotel or the in-house business owner. . Bailu, Xiaoman, horror, mang, Guyu, Qiuji… The different growth stages of malt were interpreted by the Maltese Art Hotel in an ingenious way. The design of the rooms revolves around the theme of the four seasons of malt, with wall lamps, balustrades, retaining walls and free painting. If you don’t like the town’s hustle and bustle, there are some star-rated hotels and B&Bs in Muyu Town along the scenic hills along Hongping Town. The price may be slightly higher than the town, but some Hualien B&Bs can stay close to the scenic spot and ski. This is sometimes a good choice. You can find them on major travel software and maps. Hualien B&B recommended reason: I saw the first time I was conquered by the big bathtub. It was too fresh! The white curtains were too suitable for photo shoots. Recommended reason: swing, curtain account, wooden floor, floor to ceiling windows… can’t tell bright and clean. Sleeping in the house of Taiwan Taipei hotel, you can smell the first love of the sun. The key is that the landlord can help to take pictures and repair pictures! In the end, this one is really irresistible. Before the “B&B” appeared, the first choice for our trip was most of the time. If you are still going to some holiday cities, the price of fake holidays and weekends is definitely higher than usual. Hualien B&B, especially in a city like Taiwan Taipei hotel Macau, basically doubles the price of a weekend.