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My own understanding and groping likes to practice dancing alone after training lightest wheelchair ramp. He said that when he and his dance are alone, the thinking will be very clear and clear, and it will help to figure out your own problems and solve the game data map lightest wheelchair ramp. In addition to practicing yourself, it is also very important to cooperate with the partner to dance “mixed dance” lightest wheelchair ramp. When a perfect dancer is partnered, the perfect dancer can jump and the wheelchair dancer can’t keep up lightest wheelchair ramp. The performances seem to be very uncoordinated lightest wheelchair ramp. This requires the dancers to have full tacit understanding and emotional communication in addition to the technical skills lightest wheelchair ramp. Therefore, in addition to chatting with the dance partners in the dance room, the more closely they communicate, the closer the relationship between the two people is. Naturally, better and better partner dances, naturally more pleasing to the eye. Competition data map respondents for the map and many difficulties faced by his team. It is difficult for ordinary dancers to compare ordinary dancers are generally practicing “boys” and wheelchairs Most of the dancers have become harder and harder. The original accumulation is rarely added to the physical limitations of the disabled. The wheelchair dancers have to work hard. There are many competition data. The respondents provide the basic skills of wheelchair dancers. Each member of the action, body class, physical training, wheelchair technology, understanding of dance music, etc. must train at least half a year of basic skills and wheelchair technology. Double wheelchair Latin dance competition data map. Respondents for the picture “Good dancers” boarded The world stage has been hard-working for a long time, and the Guangzhou wheelchair dance team, where the hard work is preparing for the battle, is holding all the mentality of “winning for the country” and preparing for this year’s The shape of the national dancers, the technology of pushing the wheelchair, the physical strength of the dancers, through the professional and scientific training methods, “plus yards” training wheelchair dance team at least one day rehearsing for five or six hours, each person’s clothes are soaked two or three pieces The Guangzhou Wheelchair Dance Team rehearsed the respondents for the picture and the game had to skip five dances. From the preliminary to the finals, the multi-test dance team also strengthened the strength training such as dumbbell presses, and there was not enough physical strength to support the heavy points. The dance movements have been revised three times and four times, and even a few days before the game, they are still optimizing everything. All the results are so good that the whole world feels the strength of the Chinese game. Respondents have been working hard before the game. The difference between the world and the world stage was lost in the week before the World Wheelchair Dance Open. During the practice of dancing, the wrist and muscles were almost incapable of taking care of themselves, not to mention pushing the wheelchair and dancing. Finally, his partner gave him He supported “I will accompany you to jump regardless of the grades” and fell in the rehearsal.