lightest wheelchair ramp企業善盡社會責任的好選擇

Many foreigners also think about Chinese tourism lightest wheelchair ramp. However, we are faced with many problems, or when we are discussing barrier-free, we have been emphasizing these issues lightest wheelchair ramp. For example, we just In the China Special Traveler Survey mentioned, we found that the most common problems encountered by Chinese travelers are: the destination has no barrier-free facilities, no accessibility information, no hotel, no service, and The attitude of the service staff is not good lightest wheelchair ramp. What should I do in the face of such a problem? No one has given an answer for a long time lightest wheelchair ramp. This may be a reason why I want to do “smart accessibility” because there are always people who want Going out to make a change, not so much as my job is to create a travel agency that can only be used by people with disabilities, or just to give a handicap It is better to say that I want to make the travel industry OTA, I want the mainstream tourism industry to realize the need of this aspect of the travellers, and let the travel industry make real changes lightest wheelchair ramp. So my mission is to help the travel industry lightest wheelchair ramp. To improve the quality of their services, I also look forward to seeing the practice of barrier-free travel in China like in South Africa, like in Amazon. I am also looking forward to seeing the needs of professionals in the future. One of the first things I want to correct is that accessibility is not just for people with disabilities. The first thing that benefits from accessibility is the elderly, because our society is getting older. As shown in this picture, Our population is getting older, we will gradually face the same dysfunction as people with disabilities, and get a similar experience, so in the end we all need accessibility. Let’s go back to this picture again, maybe After I explained the barrier-free travel, you will have a new understanding of this picture. If you still remember the map of a wheelchair that was just shown in Amazon. You will find that when the foreign tourist is in China, he is actually using one of the easiest ways to transform his wheelchair so that he can also enjoy China’s tourism resources. Finally, I want to say that tourism is one. For people who are happy, I think everyone should have the opportunity to travel. This is good, but what does this have to do with us? Or accessibility is just a product that a disabled person needs to use, why do we want to take the product Designed to be barrier-free? In the past three decades, in China we will advocate for the employment rights, education rights, marriage rights, etc. of people with disabilities. Now I want to say that we should also advocate the entertainment of people with disabilities. Right. Thank you. Another picture is that I went to the annual meeting of the muscle disease in France.