eternity ring永恆戒指

Ms. Cao said that money does not matter, she just wants to find a wedding ring, because it is of great significance to her. So how did the ring disappear when they were eating? eternity ring The monitoring video is provided by Haidilao, let’s analyze it together. Haidilao Hangzhou Zhongda Yintai City Store Manager Tang: “Our staff, monitoring, received a total of four time periods to receive the desktop, but these four time periods, our employees have not touched this thing, they feel that we are employees It may be unintentional to take this thing away. eternity ring We dumped the entire trash can on the ground and helped the guests find it all, but did not find the ring. eternity ring The ring was gone. I ate here on the evening of November 26th. I made a hand mask in their store and took the ring down. When I took it down, I put it in a bag they gave me. Then my friend brought three rings, I brought one, and the two of us put together. In order to help Ms. Li find the ring, the police quickly came to the gas station according to the clue provided by Ms. Li, explained the situation to the person in charge of the gas station, and mobilized the staff to help find it. eternity ring At the same time, the police transferred Ms. I can see four rings at the beginning. Li before and after the refueling. On-site video surveillance search and publicity and interpretation of relevant legal provisions to all personnel present. After the police worked patiently, eternity ring Ms. Cao said that at 6 o’clock that night, the four adults took two children and went to Haidilao to eat. She and her sister-in-law, who is the friend of her mouth, first worked in the nail area of ​​the door. In the Ministry of Nursing, two people took a total of four rings and placed them in a transparent plastic bag provided by Haidilao. Before in the waiting area, her brother took a small video and took the ring on her hand. Ms. Cao: “At the time, I didn’t ask them to give me a free ticket. Then my child kept crying. I don’t know how. Later, eternity ring my friend (sister) took it over 700. (Reporter: Who was this meal at the time? ?) My friend treats, she treats (Reporter: Then the 1500 compensation, did you accept it at the time?) No, he said that 1500 must ask me to take the purchase certificate, only to tell me that he wants me to take the certificate, now I really don’t want that money, I just want to find that ring.