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Going out of the misunderstanding of “depending on the real estate industry to drive economic growth”. japan property agency China’s real estate market has a long-term supply gap. In addition,  Dong Yizhi also said: “The problem of housing and not speculation has been raised for two to three years. In fact, the central government has already established this policy. Historical experience and economic laws are unlikely to allow house prices to rise indefinitely. In an interview with the reporter of the Legal Person, Shanghai Yida Law Firm Dong Yizhi said: “I think the preparation of real estate tax is already in place.  japan property agency Now it may involve matters at the legislative level, perhaps during the next two sessions. legal.” The first set of self-use non-operating houses is a necessity for people and should not be taxed. For those who purchase a second or more real estate, whether they are value-added or profitable through real estate speculation, they should be taxed to achieve the purpose of regulating distribution. Liu Junhai further said that the unified interconnection of the national real estate basic information of the Ministry of Land and Resources should be a necessary condition for the introduction of real estate tax, but it is not a sufficient condition. japan property agency There are many necessary conditions. For example, the question of whether the valuation can be notarized should be valued and determined according to the price at the time of purchase. It is fair. But now these basic problems have not been resolved. Some countries are deducting their valuations every year, which is fair, and there is no consensus in this regard in China. The introduction of the real estate tax policy is in line with expectations, and it is not excluded that Shanghai and Chongqing will take the lead in upgrading to the real estate tax on the basis of the reform of the existing property tax. This is the pilot idea.” Huang Xianglong was accepted by the “Corporate” reporter. During the visit, he said. Liu Junhai believes that because the shape of the real estate is not the same, the pure commercial housing has affordable housing, housing reform, japan property agency and small property housing, the situation is not the same. And some local economically developed housing prices are expensive, and some places have low housing prices, and the situation is not the same everywhere. Going out of the misunderstanding that “prices should be completely regulated by the market”. Some people think that house prices are the result of market regulation and the government should not intervene. In fact, housing matters to the basic life of the people and belongs to semi-public goods. japan property agency Moreover, due to the scarcity of land, the real estate market is an imperfectly competitive market and requires the government to properly regulate from the perspective of making up for market failure. japan property agency For example, the real estate market in Japan before the 1990s was extremely prosperous and became an important driving force for rapid economic growth.