eternity ring隱藏在簡潔線條中的心型密釘鑲

Sina Entertainment News An Yixuan microblogging held a romantic wedding in Hawaii on the 6th, announced that on the 23rd will return to the banquet, invite Taipei friends and family to attend the blessing, the Anshi corporate sisters will also attend when they arrive. eternity ring An Yixuan, The emerald green emerald is known as the “treasure of the East”. As a gemstone, it has an elegant and retro atmosphere on the wedding ring. In ancient China, there was a saying that “wearing gold is rich and wealthy, Dai Yubao is safe”, so Yingrun’s jade has a beautiful meaning of peace and happiness, many sons and grandchildren, and good fortune. In fact, in terms of wedding customs, diamonds have always had an eternal meaning, so the wedding rings of new people will be able to choose diamond rings. However, when choosing a wedding ring, you should pay attention to the problems of style and workmanship. eternity ring not so traditional personalized wedding rings are designed according to the ideal wedding ring in your mind. Diamond rings are the most common style of wedding rings. Diamonds are pure, innocent and smashed. They have been regarded as the best symbol of love and eternal marriage since ancient times. The brilliance of the diamond does not disappear with the passage of time. After years of accumulation, it can still exude a pure luster between the fingers, accompanying the wife to walk through his life. The magnificent and bright ruby ​​is regarded as the representative of love, eternity ring enthusiasm and noble morality. At the royal wedding in Europe, the ruby ​​is still a witness to marriage. Inlaid on the wedding ring can make the Aegean a thousand miles and happy. . The international gem world has set Ruby as “July Birthday Day”. Men with ruby ​​can grasp the right to dream. Women with rubies can get eternal love. Sapphire with a sea-like color is also a common gem in wedding rings. Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, steadiness, love and honesty. It is used as a birthstone in September and a memorial stone for the twenty-third and twenty-sixth anniversary of marriage. The sapphire, which is set on the wedding diamond ring, is also characterized by its deep and mysterious colors. After the bus arrived at the terminal, the driver Chen Hailong checked the vehicle and found a black bag behind the seat. He immediately handed the bag to the leader of the class and checked the contents of the bag, which contained a pair of wedding rings, wallets, cash, various ID cards, bank cards, and so on. eternity ring Through the documents in the bag, he managed to contact the lost owner, Ms. Cao. After a while, Ms. Cao came to the dispatching station with great sweat and was very excited to see the familiar black bag on the table. Ms. Cao said that her family is from a foreign country. Her daughter was just engaged in marriage. On the afternoon of the 2nd, eternity ring she brought her daughter’s wedding ring from her hometown and prepared to send her daughter. Unexpectedly, when I got home, I found that the package was gone. When she was at a loss, she received a call from the staff. eternity ring An Yixuan intimately designed the invitation card into a movie ticket. It takes a truncated angle to enter the game. It is very interesting. In addition, An Yixuan currently exposes 2 sets of diamond rings, one set is the “wire circle” wedding ring when the husband proposes marriage,