eternity ring見證戀人永恆愛情的誓約

From the acquaintance to mutual understanding, love and obedience, the two are writing the essence of love all the way, using sweet love to achieve sweet happiness, eternity ring, Fu Xinbo announced the good news of Yinger’s successful birth through Weibo: “From now on, you are my world. Mother and daughter are safe.” Immediately, Yinger also forwarded to Xinbo Weibo: “The world of three people is not big, but just good.” Now high-profile announcement of the wedding ring design, has long been said by the netizen of the dog food, “Since the ring has been sent to the wedding is not far away?” “Good-looking people must be treated gently”, and have paid for Xinbo and Yinger Send a blessing, I hope that two people can grow old. Fang Yuan did not see a wedding ring on her hand and asked if she had signed a marriage certificate. eternity ring She smiled and did not answer. For reporters, she only reported to smile. When talking about whether the family gave her pressure to give birth to a baby, she finally said, “No, thank you!” Yuan was a little lost in front of the gate. The reporter instructed her to enter the gate. Fang Yuan waved and left, accidentally hitting the railing. eternity ring After a big problem, she continued to go to the queue to board the plane, and waved to say goodbye to the reporter before leaving. At 2 o’clock on the afternoon of the 12th, Fang Yuan appeared at the Hong Kong airport alone. Fang Yuan, wearing sunglasses and a hat, pushed the luggage cart to the counter to check in. Although she was pregnant, she was still thin, and Fang Yuan wore it. On the white loose tops and skinny jeans, she did not see the abdomen bulge, she also carried the luggage on the conveyor belt. After that, she took a bag and hand in a paper bag, and her bag of paper contained a bag of sweet words, which made the pregnancy rumor even more addictive. 1905 movie network news April 17th, Yinger’s wedding ring design exposure. The simple diamond ring is embraced by a pair of “wings”, and the overall look is exquisite and small, meaning extraordinary. It is reported that the design idea stems from the fact that the two meet the first Macau Tower, and the thoughtful and thoughtful Xin Bo has wanted to give a different life experience to the heroic hero, and carefully attribute the top. eternity ring Sina Entertainment News April 17th, Yinger [microblogging] wedding ring design exposure. At the beginning, Fu Xinbo [microblogging] accompanied Yinger to jump to the Macau Tower. Now, send a pair of wings to guard her heart, and even the wedding ring is with you in the shape of an adventure, the little wife is not too loving. Bao Beibao Bao Wenqi married in Bali on the 30th. It is reported that the day is also the birthday of her daughter. Under the testimony of her daughter, they completed the common wish of two people and reissue a grand wedding. The newcomer exchanged the ring link, accompanied by beautiful music, excited and slowly put on the wedding ring for the wife to personally participate in the design, eternity ring the wife Bao Wenyi moved to tears, in the blessing of the guests, the two happy kiss. Later, Bao Beiyi also loved the female baotou for the “other little lover” and put on the baby ring that echoed with her mother, implying the inheritance of this kindness and courage. A family of three is full of happiness, and everyone! Yesterday, this “Bai You Happiness” wedding ring, which was given a special meaning by Baobei, was exposed, eternity ring and the love vow of the two characters embedded in the inner wall of the wedding ring was also announced at the wedding scene: “Who is the divorce who is stupid? B”! Although it is different from other deep romantic confession, the wedding vows continue the funny style of “Bao’s wife”, but it also reflects the two people’s firm commitment to marriage and their loyalty to love.