eternity ring完美詮釋優雅款式

On October 8th, 2015, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy were married, and the wedding was full of love and star-studded. Before the wedding, Yang Ying had a pigeon egg engagement ring on the social network. This is a diamond ring from the Parisian Josephine plus love series. The main drill is said to be 5.53 carats in size. eternity ring Pan Yunkang believes that the sense of ritual in marriage can strengthen the relationship between the two sides, such as worshipping the marriage ceremony of both parents, wife and wife, and can play the role of mutual respect and understanding of the value of marriage. “But its role is limited, not the determinant of whether marriage is stable or not. eternity ring He believes that the stability of marriage must be considered from two aspects: on the one hand, the emotional and spiritual understanding of both sides; on the other hand, the calendar, External factors such as family background and appearance. The higher the fit between these two aspects, the higher the stability of marriage. For example, buying flowers to create a small surprise, the two can immediately re-examine.” However, Hou Kesheng also said that he hopes that the other party can be more active. “Males also need to care and encourage, and they will have a more sense of accomplishment. Appropriate celebration can enhance the feelings and further express the importance attached to each other. The wife and the wife will express each other and form a virtuous circle. Remembrance Day is the best time to express emotions, and girls always like surprises. I am ready to plan the various festivals.” Hou Kesheng felt that the ceremony was sometimes necessary, “I don’t want to confuse the ceremony. A marriage without a sense of ritual can lead to emotional instability? 49.9% of the young people surveyed thought that they would “not feel valued by the other party”, and 33.7% of the respondents thought that they would not. eternity ring The sense of ritual is only a form. There is more passion in love, and more plain after marriage.” Pan Yunkang said, “Love is in the test stage. At this time, you don’t pay attention to these things. You will feel that this person is not reliable, so both sides will think about the love stage. eternity ring  Make a surprise. But when you get married, people will think that ‘there are two nails on the board.’ If you share the same bed and eat in the same room, you will tend to be dull. You can express your love in a simple way, and life itself is unremarkable. At this time, the ceremony will retreat to the second and third places. It is said that marriage is the tomb of love. After the marriage, the passion retreats. More is the shortness of the parents, the rice and oil, and even quarrels in a word. Do something in a timely manner to continue the romance of love, let the other person think of the original appearance of love, It will be more conducive to maintaining relationships. For example, regular candlelight dinners, two people going out for a trip, etc., eternity ring Zhang said. Ling Zi said that the sense of ritual in marriage must not be forced to come. “One party strongly needs, and the other party is likely to be forced by money or time. If you don’t get it, you will complain, which will lead to escalation. On February 7, 2015, Zhang Ziyi’s 36th birthday party, eternity ring Wang Feng, proposed to her with a Moussaieff brand 9.15 carat diamond ring. Maybe everyone knows about the jewelry brand, but it is one of the world’s top ten most expensive diamonds. In 1850, Mr. Moussaieff from Vienna founded the brand. The store’s treasure is the world-famous red diamond weighing 5.11 carats. Recently, a prospective bride in Australia has exposed an engagement ring worth 2,600 yuan on the Internet. She said that she is not satisfied with the quality and style of this diamond ring. She said that her boyfriend is not a poor person, but a six-figure annual salary. Rich people, she feels that her boyfriend is not willing to spend money on such important jewelry, and she is very wronged.