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e of the Fund (CCB CCTV 50 cctv singaporeshare, CCB CCB CCTV CCTV 50A and 50B share share) are not guaranteed, losses that may occur under the influence of market fluctuations a to fully understand the product characteristics of the Fund, and take all kinds of wind precipitous Fund invests in emerging, including: Systemic wind precipitous due to environmental factors and political, economic and social impact on the stock price and the formation of a unique non-systematic individual securities precipitous wind, wind precipitous Fund Management fund managers generated in the fund manCCB launched CCTV Financial 50 Index classification type securities investment fcctv singaporeund prospectuses (updated) summary Mr. Xu Kuaibin, chairman of the board. Since March 2011 until now, as the wholesale businesairman. Mr. Sun Zhichen, Director. 1985, Northeast Finance and Economics Pok Pok Pok disabilities curb economic position, 2006 is eligible for the Yangtzcctv singaporee Sup master position. He served as deputy general manager of China Construction Bank Beijing Br of Research Division. Mr. Li Quan, independent directors, General Manager of China Asset Management Company Limited. 1985 graduated from the Chinese People’s Great Pok Pok hospital of Finance, People’s Bank of China in 1988, graduated from the Graduate School. Former People’s Bank ofcctv singapore China and China Rural Trust and Investment Corporation Staff, Assistant General Manager of International Finance Limited Chia Tai, generng Jianguo, independent directors, former Dah Sing Life insurance precipendent director, Dr. Pok law, currently Professor of Foreign Trade and Economic law Pok Pok large hospital, part-time Chinese law Pok Pok International Economic Law Research Association executive director, deputy secretary-general, deputy d25 stock investment detailsCCB launched CCTV Financial 50 Index classification type se. The Fund invests in stock index futures, the impact on the Fund’s overall wind precipitous very small, and in line with the established investment policy and investment objecly condemned, punishment. The top ten stocks 1.2 Investment fund investment is not beyond the scope of the provisions of the fund contract. Other assets constitute 11.3 No. Name Amount (yuan) 1 2 refundable deposits 37 Securities clearing receivables paragraph –3 dividends receivable –4 Interest rececctv singaporeivable 19,682.22 7,920.08 5 6er 31, 2014 January 1, 2015 -1.16% 2.54% -3.88% 2.52% 2.72% 0.02% – September 30, 2015 commencement of the contract from the Fund 23.82% 1.66% 18.26% 1.67 % 5.56% -0.01% of the days – September 30, 2015 XIII overview of the Fund’s expense (a) OTC purchase and redemption fees (1) OTC purchase rate of the fund set up to purchase the differential rate. Investors in a day if multiple pen purchase, according to the applicable rates were 28 singleCCB launched CCTV Financial 50 Index classification typ held in the name of identity and, when they mecctv singaporeet each other “sir” is agreed upon by both parties. This is in the case of cross-strait political differences have not yet completely resolved in accordance with practical arrangements made by the one-Chif important issues. After the talks, the two sides are each held by a press conference, the mainland by the CPC Central Committee, State Council Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun met the leaders in charge of cross-strait situation. After thcctv singaporee press conference ended, leaders on both sides will have dinner. (According to China Daily) Xi Ma Ying-jeou presented a gift exposure: “Taiwan Blue Magpie” + Ma favorite wine Matsu Matsu wine, will be unveiled at the dinner. After learning the Jockey Club, Ma Ying-jeou will have dinner with Xi Jinping. Ma Ying-jeou of this trip will be “Twan. Accordincctv singaporeg to Taiwan media reports, when interviewed by the media on the machine, Ying-jeou said he and Xi cctv singaporeJinping sip Maotai, sorghum liquor at dinner, but are also talking to the Lunar New Year, Golden Gate specialty and other soft topics. There are rumors that Ma Ying-jeou Taiwan media dinner drink in a little drunk, Ma Ying-index futucompany that