Organic Bodycare

Organic Bodycare substances, organic food is no non-organic food, therefore, from the perspective of the chemical composition, the food called “organic food” argument is pointless. Therefore, the concept is not mentioned here chemistry on “organic” – a molecule containing carbon elements – but to adopt an organic farming and processing methods. Organic food is in accordance with this way of production and processing; products comply with international or national organic food requirements and standards; agricultural country and through all organic food certification bodies and their processed products, including grain, edible oil, fungi, vegetables, fruit, fruits, nuts, dgood organic agricultural production systems. Organic food production and processing, without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, chemical preservatives and other synthetic substances, they do not genetically engineereuman and ecological environment perfect coordination. Orange red represents vitality, said the role of organic products for sustainable development. Organic distinction Organic food is a class of organic products, organic producOrganic Bodycare ts also include cotton, hemp, bamboo, clothing, cosmetics, animal feed (organic standards, including animal feed) and other “non-food.” Our organic products are mainly including food, vegetables, fruits, poultry products (including eggs, meat, milk and related processed products), seafood and spices and so on. Green is produced from good ecological environment, in accordance wiOrganic Bodycare th the standards of green food production, full implementation of quality control and access to safe green flag the right to use, high quality edible agricultural products and related products. Green certification is based on the Ministry of Agriculture, green industry standards. Green allows the use of pesticides and fertilizers in the production process, but the amount and the residual amount is usually higher than the provisions pollution standards to strictly. Refers to the environment pollution-free agricultural origin, production processes and product quality to meet the requirements of the relevant national standards and specifications, certified and qualified to obtain certification mark allows the use of pollution-free agricultural raw or primary processing of edible agricultural products. Pollutionabsorbing heavy metals in soil, etcOrganic Bodycare. So we do not have that set of organic agriculture laborious. conversion of organic agriculture, organic agricultursed that the entire production According to standardize the whole process for organic control.  said,” super-organic planting premise is already using a variety of degradation preparations, which have been contrary to the organic production simply not comparable. Organic Bodycare “With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more org Organic Bodycareent Editing China’s organic food is in a period of rapid development, but mainly for export. Because organic food hot in the international market, export profits are relatively high, many producers prefer to export. 2005, the volume of China’s organic food industry certified Green China enterprises reached 416, the numbe the price of conventional produce and organic produce will be Organic Bodycare similar. More important point “not detected”, this requirement can only be used “harsh” to describe, more than 20 pesticide indicators by “limiting the number of standard” to “zero residual “, require may not be detected, which is the base and businesses, calling for” frighteningly high. “[4] Regulations International Federation ohe money. [Preparation] research into the thick end. One hundred and Organic Bodycare incense [Drug] submerged incense five ounces, eugenol, chicken flavor, pocket Lou woman incense, incense A twenty-two, Lu Xun Xiang, white sandalwood, cooked Czech incense, charcoal powder each twenty-two, tonka, patchouli, green cinnamon, white becoming fragrant, green wood, nard each twelve, bird head incense, storax, benzoin, musk, incense swallow half two. [Prebreathing, sleep aid, endocrine regulation, and many other health care effect. The ancients often as self-cultivation, a good companion of health care. In addition, the incense for home living room can effectively kill mold, foul play drive evil, air purification effect, egal), dipterocarp little. Pound [preparation] Luo fine,