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Organic Bodycare f Organic Agriculture and agricultural management systems and regulations are divided into three levels: UN level, an international NGO level and national level. Organic agriculture and organic agricultural standards still belong to the recommendations of the United Nations level standards, is part of the “Codex Alimentarius” is determined by the FAO (FAO) as int Organic Bodycare o cloves, times the turmeric, tea set murned to mica or silver leaf lining the stone. Force insect incense [Drug] Mao fragrant one hundred twenty-five money, Asarum one hundred twenty-five money, guaiac a third of the money, kaempferol twelve, Chuan Jiao two hundred twenty-five money, Agastache a money six points, three money-sixth daughter of grass Ezhu one hundred twenty-seven third of twhich is the palace often part of incense to prevent plague causes. 8 Chinese ancienOrganic Bodycare t spice Editing Princess Shouyang plum blossom [Drug] incense seven hundred twenty-two money, stack incense fifty-two, chicken tongue incense forty-two, sandalwood, musk each twenty-two, Agastache six money, guaiac four money, A fragrant two money (lConventional agriculture In many cases, at the Organic Bodycare beginning of the conversion may occur at the beginning of production, especially in areas heavily dependent on chemical fertilizers and the original pesticide. However, in those original pesticide, fertilizer use less area, organic farming may not be cut, on the contrary, it might increase. The reasonOrganic Bodycare s are: 1, be improved by the diversity of crop rotation, intercropping and all sorts of cultivation, agricultural production systems; 2, through the use of crop straw returning to the field after (or make compost3, better use of organic matter surrounding ecosystems; 4, the farming industry and farming combined to improve the management level of nutrients. Organic foods are not allowed the useeding process, is never to use chemical fertilizers, hormones and genetically modified and other substances. Planting organic agricultural land, the irrigation water, ambient air quality require compliance with relevant regulations. Fertilizer organic food strict limit the type and amount of additives commonly used organic manure crops or crop wastes within the organic farming systems of animals, Organic Bodycare as well as the chemical composition were not contaminated waste compost to add to soil fertility, will add a physical method to obtain mining substances, such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and otOrganic Bodycare her elements.Organic agriculture in general, non-cheminto A and AA grade green food grade green. tone, isoprene. Development of new synthetic fragrances are also progressing. Mainly by oxidation, reduction, condensation, rearrangement, decomposition, chemical esterification reaction. When purification is not simply increase the purity of perfume will be able to remove the unpleasant smell of the substance contained therein with a small amount of very important. 5 Development Editing Flavors is accompanied by the emergence of the modern industrial development set “high, refined, the new” technology in a product, which has been widely used in the food, cosmetic, tobacco, pharmaceutical and other industries, and people’s daily lives. With the rapid development of national economy, people’s living standards improve, the traditional consumption has been unable to meet the growing consumer demand. The diverse needs of consumers driving the growth of the community for food, cosmetics, cearly, at about 500 BC. ? Seventh ces, some of which are still in use spices. There are records on the manufacture of sesame oil in the same chapter, the materials used are liquid myrrh, cinnamon, cassia twig and olive oil. With the increase in demand for spices, roots bark inconOrganic Bodycare venient to handle and transport, flowers seasons can not supply. Therefore, to the Middle Ages, the Arabs began operating spice industry and oil extraction from flowers by distillation, is more famous rose oil and rose water. After the Middle Ages, there is trade between Asia and Europe, spices is one of the important it