Weatherproof Furniture

Weatherproof Furniture loss obviously). Maple is a mid-range wood, veneer and solid wood are common. 5, birch, yellow birch color, easy points feature is more “waterline” (black line). Birch wood is also a mid-range, solid wood and veneer are common. 6, rubber wood, color is light brown, with messy small rays, light, soft material, is low-grade wood timber. Many businesses called “oak”, in fact, move fish in troubled waters. The real oak is more expensive. European white oak texture and elegant, the North American red oak has a big mountain lines, both hard heavy material, appearance, structure, material, wood and rubber are irrelevant. Others, such as pine, fir, oak, paulownia, etc., are among the relatively low-grade Weatherproof Furniture furniture timber. Second Modern wood furniture development has been the formation of a variety of styles, variety complete, full-grade largeof furniture, unlike other wood furniture, so here are special explain. Mahogany furniture began in the Ming Dynasty. Its simple symmetrical body appearance, natural wood color and texture and pleasant. The m Weatherproof Furniture ain use of carved mahogany, tenon, mosaic, curves and other traditional Chinese furniture manufacturing process, the German scholar G • Ecke summary processing mahogany furniture in the “Chinese rosewood furniture, map test” in the three basic rule is: do not absolutely necessary wooden dowel ; not glued in place to avoid as far as possible; do not spun anywhere. That is, without any nails and adhesives. So mahogany furniture styling and craftsmanship is evident in the national character of many collectors the most attractive part, many called for the Humanities furniture mahogany furniture, art furniture. Accordance with the relevant provisions of the Stard a negative answer, and walked away. In fact, it is their lack of understanding of modern furniture sake. Corresponds with the traditional solid wood furniture, modern furniture, is a man-made sheet-centric. The most commonly used MDF, it is a wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, adding resin adhesives, therefore, wood Edge, veneer furniture is the highest level of practice, even if the same is true of imported senior European furniture . Solid wood is generally used only in wood, Edge and other smal Weatherproof Furniture l parts. Onthe Guangdong market currently follows some of them: 1, mahogany, black walnut, Juglans best kind of wood, mainly from North America and Europe. Mahogany wood is typically reddish-brown heartwood, Radial section has a beautiful characteexture thin, there is no planning crab claw pattern. Purple Purple trespassing trespassing old wooden divided wood and new rosewood. Old Rosewood was purple, soaking does not fade, thehe activities connected component, its functionality is growing, more and more widely involved in the field for furniture manufacturing enterprises to improve production latest furniture. Semi-dry cloth should be used to erase the dust on the furniture, this will wipe clean. Egg cleaning method Over time, there are several particularly stubborn dirt on a white leather sofa at home, headache. At this point, you can take the right amount of egg white with cotton dipped repeatedly wipe the surface of the leather sofas and other leather products dirty place. This method is recommended that you clean for leather products partic Weatherproof Furniture ularly effective, but two: the installation process should be in place Often need to cut perforated plate in the box when installing wardrobe, multifunctional edge strips can wrap a sheet cutting edge, waterproof play a better role. If not installed properly, easily leaving voids, to water vapor opportunity. Solid wood furniture waterproof magic three: back protection is very important Back veneer is not only waterproof, but also prolong the life of the patron saint of furniture. In the process of selection of fur