Weatherproof Furniture

Weatherproof Furniture beech are two different things. Beech color bright yellow, with dense “needle” (wood rays), peeling mountains pattern. European imports beech blemishes less a lot better than homemade. Imported beech in the country belong to the high-grade timber, commonly veneer, solid wood is also used as dining chairs and small side strips. 4, maple, maple color yellow, Weatherproof Furniture there is a hill pattern, the biggest feature is the “shadow” (partial g market structure. Diversified market in providing a rich choice, but also derive a mixed bag, good and bad points of the problem difficult. Some wear small, not nearly water-based furniture varieties with stickers, such as shoe racks, bookcases, etc. Customers patronize furniture store, you will see the price tag such as “wment, avoid placing furniture near heat or air conditioning vents in pl Weatherproof Furniture ace, changes in temperature can cause any damage to the exposed part of the furniture, Meature atlas (9) GB / T 10357.4 furniture mechanical testing Cabinet Stability GB / T 10357.5 furniture Cabinet mechanical properties of strength and durability tests GB / T 10357.6 furniture mechanical testing single bed strength and durability GB / T 10357.7 furniture mechanical properties test the stability of tables GB / T 16734-1997 China’s major timber name Weatherproof Furniture GB / T 18107-2000 mahogany GB / T 18513-2001 China imports timber name 12 discriminati Weatherproof Furniture on Editing A: echo uniform throughout the beat If it is not solid wood furniture, knock up will be very boring, because it is not wood is the composite panels. Density composite board is uneven, so the sound effects sound produced to us on a kind of hazy feeling. Second look: bending and wood Solibserved carefully, you can easily identify themSurface treatment Aluminum is a metal forming, welding rare, the use of brand-name cold plating paint castings using the brand of paint, several anti-rust treatment. Electro galvanized steel melting process, oxidation does not fade do not rust. 304 pieces of stainless steel materials, stainless steel is not oxidized appearance. Connectiondetergents containing chemical substances. Solid wood furniture maintenance 5, glue the paper: The paper completely soaked with vegetable oil, rub gently press the grain direction Furniture special steel wool after  January-July of w s make furniture, furniture design has a retro style, but also a modern mix of wind. Modern minimalist type of furniture became popular in the small apartment in the mainstream of modern furniture simple and stylish performance, ts are very strict, if not strict procedure which, small cracks appeared, loose joints and other phenomena, large deformation of the whole set of furniture, as well as unusable. Imitation wood furniture: Imitation wood furniture, the so-called imitation wood furniture, appearance is solid wood furniture, wood natural texture, feel Weatherproof Furniture and color and solid wood furniture exactly the same, but in fact it is solid wood a wax; 4, wardrobes, bookcases and other high cabinet Cabinet, which Roof do not put heavy pressure to avoid the cabinet under weight so deformed or tilted, so that the cabinet convergence at the gates shut cracks or loose. smooth with no seams In touch when you can feel it along the grain is very clear and smooth. Small furniture can be used to identify quality wood handle, but if it is large pieces of furniture you must use mosaic synthesis, is less accurate touch alone. But also on listening. Four look: see whether the piece of wood furniture, wood to build First look grainy and scar knot. Such as a closet door, looks is a pattern, then the corresponding position in the back door to see the location of this pattern change, if the corr