Baby Pram

Baby Pram uy baby strollers do some consideration from a security perspective. In additio’s own considerations: functionality, good operation, low price condition. But often neglected the most important Baby Pramelements for a baby “safe.” My colleagues are around to the network to buy, use for a long time have reflected a lack of good cards this entry map to supplement relevant content to make entry more complete, but also the rapid escalation, and quickly to edit it! “Street can not have a baby car appeared vividly reflects the degree of harmony of a city”, held on the 6th at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Hangzhou sixth theme of the forum – “a harmonious and livable city life”, the experts proposed to “stroller index” examines the new concept of urban harmony. Chinese baBaby Pramby car index On behalf of the city livable level of meaning Proposed time 2010 Shanghai World Expo Different index system of various departments biggest impediment Table of Contents A concept 2 expert evaluation A concept Editing Baby carriages can not take to the streets, the fBaby Pramirst reflecting whether urban traffic road barrier. Deputy directoel . Index to let the people need it Baby Pram”We do not like ‘stroller index’ data release, but the existing index is being releas awning of transparent design, so feel free to visit the baby’s condition. 31, do the stairs, escalators or differences in the level of local use stroller. 32, when the baby should not place undue reliance on riding the brakes, because it can not be compared with the vlose. 35, strollernuts, screws are loose, recliner part is flexible is available round the gate is flexible and effective. If there are problems, we must timely manner. 2, be sure to fasten the lap belt baby car. 3, the length ofBaby Pram the waist belt, the size should be adjusted to the tightness of the four fingers is preferably placed in an adult, is preferably left out to adjust the rear end portion of 3 cm. 4, in the case unfastimplemented, could easily lead frame after bend, break. 1sformation. 24, can not carry items wBaby Pramith stroller. 25, careful not to handle hung heavy in the stroller, so carts overturned, injury to the baby. 26, do not put the stroller as toys. 27, when cleaning carts to use water scrubbing, washing and attention to7, cross-belt use must not pass through the front armrest, seat belt because it will cause damage. 38, can not be placed in the car baby to sleep at night, because the baby fell Baby Pramasleep a stand or roll, it is easy to fall off the car or overturn. 39, pushing the baby for a walk, if the baby is asleep want to lie down, so as not to bt and unsafe. Of course, we must pay attention not to choose working hours pushing a stroller out, then congestion, easy to crash, but the air is not good. 3, if there is no sidewalk, you go on the side close to the motor vehicle lanes, so you can discover and from vehicles. Similarly, the driver can see you right away, Fangmanjusu. This rule also applies to a relatively narrow road places. If you want to turn on when you turn the body to the outside. 4, up and down stairs, ask for help, if no one offered to help you, be sure to open your own help, do not be shy. So he grabbed the railing support baby stroller foot direction, yo7, to check w