Weatherproof Furniture

As can be seen from the hinge slots and drill at furniture or timber is medium density particleboard, the best approach is to carefully observe the hinge slots and drill at bare the internal structure of the place, it can be seen with a particleboard or MDF. Weatherproof FurnitureHardware The use of hardware, free furniture disassembly combination is the biggest advantage, so the quality is good or bad quality fittings and furnishings throughout are closely related. Wood Weatherproof FurnitureSolid wood furniture and maintenance 3, scratching: If the furniture paint scratches, untouched wood under the paint, available with furniture like crayons or paint colors in furniture wound smear to cover the exposed background, and then coated with a thin transparent layer of nail polish can be ieties appearing more and more fun. for all kinds of wood, glass, wood or synthetic materials such as melamine board furniture, especially for mixing materials and outdoor furniture. Therefore, if the use of both clean, care effects of skin care produc Weatherproof Furniturets, can save a lot of valuable time. Before care spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agents, the best shake it first, then straight grip spray cans, a 45 degree angle, so that the liquid component tank can be fully released under the pressure of losing status. After confrontational rag at a distance of about 15 cm in places lightly spray it, so again wipe furniture, cleaning and maintenance can play a very good effect. In addition, rags afttrend of global integration, the use of open accession to the WTO after the benign competitive situation, to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with foreign manufacturers and learning, and strive to improve the overall competitiveness of the international market. Weatherproof FurnitureConcept of time Extended holi Weatherproof FurnitureTenon wood commonly used fixed, so beautiful and durable, Ying Thai furniture generally used in this way, but need to do it bef Weatherproof Furnitureore woodworking technology is good looking, some places are connected and fixed with screws. Metal is generally fixed by , toon, of which the Manchurian walnut wood, ash, toon, beech, oak most valuable. ThEditing Precautions 1, note the furniture surface cleaning and maintenance. Regul Weatherproof Furniturearly with a soft cloth and gently wipe dry cotton surface dust, every so often, with the water wrung wet cotton yarn will dust the furniture nook and cranny at Kaijing thin, clean, dry and then wipe soft muslin. Weatherproof Furniture3, avoid scratch hard objects. When cleaning, cleaning tools must not allow touching furniture, usually pay attention, do not let hard metals or other sharp object collision furniture, protect its surface does not appear bruise marks. ature of most families. However, as the temperature changes at home, wooden furniture will still continue with the air moisture exchange, just like your skin, wood is porous, encountered dry air due to water distribution and reduced some. Similarly, when the relative temperature increases, the wood will absorb suffici Weatherproof Furnitureent moisture to expand slightly, but these minor changes will not affect the nature of furniture fixability and durability. Weatherproof FurnitureEffects of temperature  and the drawer bottom groove connection is used, rather than the nail connections. 6 identification methods Editing Three knock: wood parts will be issued by hA look: real wood species have a large area of beautiful little lines. Second smell: pure wood has its own special flavor, even after long-term storage or finishing still leaves smell like pine resin flavor, there is light incense cedar, cedar, spicy flavor, camphor camphor flavor will be very obvious, but artificial board will have a very strong smell of chemical mate Weatherproof Furniturerials, such as formaldehyde.