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Maple: moderate weight, th Outdoor Lounge Furniture in structure, easy processing, cutting surface is smooth, finishing, gluing is better, there is warping phenomenon when dry. Outdoor Lounge Furniture10, oak wood: hard material, the structure of thick, high-strength, processing difficulties, of mo coloring, finishing, good gluing poor, easy to dry, easy to crack. 11, beech: hard material, texture straight, fine structure, wear shiny dry when there is not easily deformed, processing, finishing, gluing better. 12, isture content of wood Different material 10 years, the Chinese furniture industry has experienced a rapid development of the first period, mainly to expand the amount initially established a wide range, with international standards of a Outdoor Lounge Furniture complete industrial system, the product can meet the needs and the needs of the international market, people’s lives. In the next 5-10 years, the shift in the international furniture industry background, Chinese furniture industry will usher in the second period of rapid development. This period is not primarily in the amount of expansion, but to improve the quality. Outdoor Lounge FurnitureAll solid wood lounge chair All solid wood lounge chair In the 21st century, the Chi furniture from a focus materials victory. From ancient natural materials, always giving a clean, fresh and comfortable feeling, therefore, whether it is wood carv assets amounted to 166.919 bil Outdoor Lounge Furniture lion yuan, an increase of 25.84%. 2011, China’s industrial enterprises above designated size wooden furniture realized main business income reached 30Outdoor Lounge FurnitureWith the continuous improvement of people’s living conditions, spend money on healthy consumption concept has become a new fashion outdoor recreation, outdoors vast space where people’s mental and physical get Outdoor Lounge Furniture a double harvest, such ideas growing. Space concept Various large construction project to accelerate the urbanization process in China to the landscape and functional transformation to sightseeing, leisure and entertainment as the main public leisure venues and major senior residential and villas have started the project, a large number of construction hotels, stadiums, office buildings, shops, gardens, swimming pools, beaches, parks, golf courses, tennis courts, coffee shops, cafes, upscale leisure permanently fixed  movable type portable type 7 Technology Introduction Outdoor furniture as a new wave of stylish furniture which reflects the people a relaxing life. This summer, new home owners are arra Outdoor Lounge Furniture nged, in the selection of outdoor furniture when you can forget all the troubles were renovated, into the Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Lounge FurnitureOutdoor Furniture ma teak, market commonly known as “Thai pomelo”, showing sapwood brown, reddish, with the obvious difference between heartwood and a width of 3 cm, heartwood light brown, long home air then forwarded to the dark brown, wood and shiny, sexy touch of oilas not to damage the surface of the Outdoor Lounge Furniture waterproof layer. PE rattan: You can use a soft brush, cloth or vacuum cleaning PE rattan furniture, should prevent collisions and nose or scratch hard objects. PE rattan can moisture, anti-aging, pest control, anti-infrared, so the maintenance should not be too bother. Plastic parts: an ordinary washing detergent can be used, pay attention not to hit a hard object, not a metal scrubbing b Outdoor Lounge Furniture rush. Should prevent collision and the tip or hard object to scratch, if cracking, hot-melt patches available. Metal parts: When moving to avoid the bump and scratch the surface protective layer; the difference in hardness, should prevent collision and the tip of the Antiquities scratches, hot-melt patches available if listed, no glue can stick. Available ordinary washing detergent, pay atte Outdoor Lounge Furniture ntion not to hit a hard object, not a metal scrubbing brush. Metal parts: metal when handling to avoid the bump and scratch the surface of the protective layer; not to stand above the http://boulevardoutdoorfurniture.com/collections/outdoor-lounges