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Sichan through Myanmar into the line, and then to all parts of China. Whether spice route eastward which are quite distant and difficult road, the number of spices can carry extremely limited. Until the rise of maritime trade, spices from Southeast Asia, India or other places of Rome began to enter China a lot. After the latOrganic Bodycaree Ming, the prevalence of overseas trade, ships at sea by a large variety of spices imported into CFermented cocoa beans, thick broken, peeled and other fragments of the cocoa beans obtained in step (commonly known as cocoa cake), the crushed powder after the defatted cocoa cake, cocoa powder is. More for coffee and chocolate, beverage production, is also an important production component of chocolate cake. Cocoa is a cocoa tree seeds powdered beverage raw materials. Cocoa powder dispersed in hot water is not easy, easy precipitation may mix with a small amount of hot water to make flour swelling, following add sugar, dairy products and other heating Serve cocoa beverages. To improve the solubility of the cocoa powder, a surfactant may be appropriately added, or the use of agglomeration processes it quickly dissolves. Cocoa and Organic Bodycaretea and coffee are both drinks contain alkaloids, which contain more fat, especially a high calorific value, beneficial to the nervous system, kidneys, heart and so ol vessels to improve blood flow and angiotensin Ⅱ in blood pressure. Hypertension – is defined as a systolic blood pressure greater than 140mmhg, diastolic blood pressure less than 90mmhg is a major factor for cardiovascular disease is the cause of 50 per cent of deaths in Europe and the EU spend about $ 202 billion each year from diseases. Study Details Miguel and her colleagues put 20 male spontaneously hypertensive rats were divided into two groups, the mice were randomled “words; If the content is less than 70 percent organic ingredients in processed products, can only be specified in the product as an ingredient in the ingredient list” word organic. “7 ways to buy Editing WebOrganic BodycareOrganic Bodycaresite to buy Have you tried online buOrganic Bodycarey organtolic and diastolic blood pressureddition to organic food, the international community also some derived products such as organic cosmetics, textiles, forest products or production of organic food production provided, including bio-pesticides, organic fertilizers, etc., after collectively certified organic products. Chinese name organic food Foreign Name Organic Food Table of Contents A definition  Organic meaning  organic logo  organic distinction Two main varieties  organic produce  criteria 3 apply for certification  certification requirements  organic certification mark  Certification difficulty  regOrganic Bodycareulations 4 Advantages Price Comp Organic Bodycarearison pollution  conventional agriculture Food difference 5 organic reason relatively healthy ▪taste better avoid disease chemical substances production process  enabling environment protect the soil not expensive 6 Food Identification 7 ways to buy website to buy  direct purchase of farm supermarket and store 8 development 9 super-organic 10 NutritiOrganic Bodycareon demonstration FSA study development direction Cooking Guide owers, Prynne, tree orchids, is China’s unique products.In addition, the use of biotechnology to produce fermentation process and other spices such as butyric acid, diacetyl, benzaldehyde, are also attributable to natural flavors, these spices are valued and developed in flavors. [1] dation, reduction, esterification, substitution, condensation, addition, cyclization and isomerization other categories. Because as long as the synthetic perfume odor unpleasant trace impurities, the overall quality will be destroyed, so that the purified synthetic perfume is a crucial issue, conventional purification means is a reduced pressure distillation and crystalli