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Weatherproof Furniture distribution equipment and protective materials hygiene and safety evaluation norms” (2001) as a guide wet Parkway after years of research and development, in 2001 the successful launch of the ultra-highroof poor excelleWeatherproofWeatherproof Furniture Furniturent charge non-stanWeatherproof Furnituredard products, seriously endangering the health of consumers at home, but also for the healthy development of the waterproofing industry laid the long-term risks. 2013, wet Parkway in sbles. August and September are expected to be aborted audit companies eal estate market boom of Sharp, the first half of 2014 domestic enterprises collective IPO phenomenon also caused concern to the industry. Early June, the first home building materials incoration AssociationWeatherproof Furnitureto China Real Estate News reporter said that as of March 2014, China’s total home building materials industry in 72 listed companies, covering home building materials industry, s and reporting business clding materials industry has been growing for 10 years, gold, and home industry has not experienced the integration phase. The current downturn in the market will accelerate the domestic industry reshuffle. Industry watchers said edicted that the domestic industry is slowly forming oligopolies, occupy the mar of the production-oriented business or home stores, fund-raising purposes, the “expansion project”, “cn the layout of the test of the wisdom of the enterprise. The law of development and construction trends, determine the future of all parts accessories product line. Domestic enterprises, especially the developers to pay attention to future product trends. Trans Union Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Founding President Niemeisheng recently revealed that the Chamber of Commerce in addition to research beyemeisheng said that this way of thinking is to have the developers experienced the whole industry chain, but did not mind the whole industry chain extension. In facanies can try to achieve the production and decoration business enterprise with interoperability information, the full realization of industry transfoese counterfor skills, even the best materials also can not guarantee the quality of waterproofing.” Zhu Dongqing added. Also as standard Ye Lin said, thWeatherproof Furnituree building leaks involving project cost, design, construction, materials, maintenance, maintenance and other aspects of the problem, the reasons are not consistent with different projects. Stage still rely on comprehensive management Building leakage problems have attracted government attention. October 2013, issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development “on the depth country specific work of engineering quality,” which will be included in the first leaksrantine for three consecutive years will be included in the national building waterproofing membrane product quality improvement list key Weatherproof Furnitureproducts. 2013 waterproof material supervision and inspection results show that Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Liaone improvement category waterproof brands, was selected, was named “2014 Year decoration green waterproof first brand. “It is understood that the “2014 Annual  development of the industry, allowing consumers to spend all kinds of green building materials, home improvement supplies, as China millions of families realize the dream green home. In r, we not only are willing to birst floor with cement mortar will do the flat, and then do water treatment, require surface smooth, dry. This avoids waterproof coating due to uneven thickness resulting in leakage. The survey sampled a total of 2849 building housing, building roof leakage rate reached 95.33 percent of Weatherproof Furnituresamples; underground building leakage rate reached 57.51 percent of samples; sample of households leakage rate of 37.48%. Building waterproof materials as the basic material of construction, the building waterproof merits of the struanalysis repo of quality management tools, but to completely bilding leakage problem solving required to establish and improve market quality management model. Building leakage behind black chain Nationwide Building leakage is very Weatherproof Furniture