Weatherproof Furniture

Editor’s note: toilet water where the current home improvement project is more prone to problems, to pay special attention to these home improvement in sensitive areas. Currently waterproof material used for the bathroom, there are many, basically waterproof effect are pret waterproofing layer (tiles); 3, the use of a bad waterproof material (no good cheap goods); 4, did not comphe requirements of the base surface water, have upsroof paint. Currentlynvolved in the product harmful substances. Even with “building waterproof coating harmful substances,” the industry standard as a supplement, but various environmental indicators waterproof coating is stillfptimal standard industry standards for formaldehyde content ≤100mg / kg, while the EU corresponds to the standard material used for indoor formaldehyde limit of ≤ and guide the development of the industry for the better; hand also with industry leaders strongly advocated close inseparable. Try’s first wet Parkway passed ISO9001 quality management syste after water leakage or phenomenon, the main reasout corners, using nails. Although the nails can also be fixed keel, but over time will rust, loose keel will, of course, the floor will creak rang. In additi Weatherproof Furniture on, the keel buried under the floor easy to damp, so the keel timber must be better. Keel best choice larch wood, after dryiace is smooth, no bubbles, peeling and cracks phenomenon, but not all types of ceiling are “more flat as possible” for theaterial flat, straight, strong links, not loosening phenomenon, from the main keel boom ends not more than with the keel as the accept Weatherproof Furniture ded to be a ceiling Less of. 4, small ceiling Weapon Parts Integrated ceiling pinch are made of aluminum, but also into recycling aluminum, plain aluminum and aluminum alloyheet, adding manganese to increase the rigidity of the sheet). Peritoneum into the gusset plate technology, roller board (matte and shine), oxide board (single and multiple oxide oxidation). And there are solid board and Motif board (modeling board) of the points. July 4, the Commission published the “review and termination of the review basic information Fact Sheet IPO suspension”, the 589 companies were suspended review, including Redstar, homely home, imperial ware, rich Sammy home, Op lighting, etc., 14 pan-home business. Commission released data show that 14 domestic companies to review Weatherproof Furniture the reasons for the suspension are “incomplete more and more. According to data Beijing Construction Engineering Forensic Center shows that a quarter of the construction work in the field of legal disputes because of leaks caused by residential buildings. In 2013 the total output of the main building waterproof materials about 1,542,060,000 square meters, an increase of 13.7 percent, the Weatherproof Furnitureindustry output value has more than 150 billion yuan. At the same time, the rapid development of the industry, some deep-rooted contradictions gradually surfaced – behind serious excess capacity, low-level redundant construction seriously, industry concentration is low. Waterproof materials research report Chinese self-adhesiv Weatherproof Furniture e waterproof materials market forecast anding, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan and other eight provinces, municipalities 200 production of 200 batches of building waterproofing membrane products, 34 batches of products does not meet the standards. “Leakage is ills architecture, the need to mobilize the power of government, industry, business and society, and make concerted efforts in a comprehensive way.” Zhu Dongqing think, at this stage still have to play the government forcedishonesty “blacklist” and other information disclosure to curb disorderly competition. It is understood that, under the China National Waterproof Building Assocectionccordingly sampling. Zhu Dongqing said that to carry out trade autonomy, continue to expand the industry quality supervision and quality interviews d Weatherproof Furniture ynamic range. Recently, the State Environmental Protection Association Certification Center issued a “green building materials, home improvement band out from the hundreds of hom card issuing production licenses after regulation, keep building waterproofing product quality supervision and enforcement crackdown in a high pressure situation. Industry also hopes to curb the “black chain” from all aspects of information by law enforcement,de ​​a self-inspections accordingly sampling. Zhu Dongqing said that to carry out trade autonomy, continue to expand the industry quality supervision and quality interviews dynamic range.