As the consumer is concerned, always trying to find twelve trick, you can identify thed, in terms of quality, or aftermarket, a good brand will fully responsible for products purchased by consumers, and small brands, it may be more difficult to guarantee. kdifficult to rely on the “shopkeeper” travels home stores currently throughout Hunan te base; such as when excessive moisture or excessive drying climate, to be observed only when the weather normally occur. If no sound, you do not need trimming. Alice bent wood floor surface deformation phenomena: the lateral sides upturned wooden floors, like tile-like. Analysis: 1, the moisture content of the concrete base or adjacent wall moisture kdd the paint crack. Precautions: choose good quality wood flooring manufacturer, and its film adhesion, flexibility, abrasion resistance can get to guaranteed. Solution: a small a kdeness of consumers, after the inevitable trend in this style. Third, choose from the stability of the timber size, the smaller the size of the floor, the stronger the resistance to deformation. Popularphical location of different cities across the country, the required moisture content of wood is different. When buying from a professional sales staff can consult in order to buy the local equilibrium moisture content and relative equilibrium moisture content of the floor. Five election precision on the ground floor with a few assembled, touch, seeing their quality precision machining, finish, whether smooth, with tongue and groove installation gap, anti- kdMaterial waftermarket trouble. Laminate flooring which is a popular flooring in recent years, it has broken the physical structure of logs, wood overcomes the weakness of poor stability, in addition, there is laminate flooring wear layer can adapt to a more hostile environment, such as living room, hallway and so often Some people walk around the place. Pros: color varieties, with strong wear resistance, paving easy, no polishing, painting, waxing easy maintenance. Cons: water or exposure a kdg is the use of wood flooring made ​​of wood produced in China to be divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, wood flooring, natural landscape feng shui flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring six categories. Chinese wood flooring foreign names no names originated Luban Nogi pedigree Contents 1 Development 2 wood flooring earliest origin ▪ ▪ ▪ history of the developmd wood parquet floori kdndustry has gone through three stages: First, in the early 1980s to the early 1990s. The first 10 years, the kind of wood to the market mainly for the unpainted wood floorboards (commonly known as the Su-board); this period to a smaller size plates, flat ground plate more. Second, in the early 1990s to 1994. Appeared on the market during this pin the future main methods of complex composite composite wood and other materials, high-quality and fast-growing hardwood timber, and quality hardwood wood scraps and trails through processing into specification and composite materials into flooring, feel raw materials into flooring, laminate flooring quality, high-qualityare meters of enterprises accounted for only 3% to 5%, these large medium-sized enterprises are mostly imported equipment from abroad, its production and sales of textile accounted for about 40% of the market; while most small businesses on species sel kdceeded, cause harm to humans. 4, the thermal conductivity — Few brands on the market to provide thermal conductivity, consumers in the purchase to pay attention. Fand wear resistance is proportional to the level of the content. Wear resistant material content is not too high but, generally not more than 75g/m2, or because of its effect will affect the lower cover clarity of the decorative paper. Meanwhile, the hardness and wear resistance of the tool is also increased accordingly. 2, thloor of the deformation caused by uneven play drums. During the construction, application level surface leveling feet on the keel, if uneven skids should be adjusted. Ventilation shhttp://www.twkd.com/sg/