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hough not explicitly stated acquired in good faith applies only to personal property, but they point to section 929 of the matter is clearly defined as chattel, and to the provisions of section 932 and” personal proy will first examine the contents. Because of this review, the registration and management vertical as only form of censorship, but also to protect the validity of the registration. Thus the form of review in Germatherefore should be safe flow of economic requirements, and to generate and develop. Shaped by economic life from the bona fide acquisition system, which originated in ancient Germanic law’s hand gauntlets principle, after the ancient, medieval and modern times and even modern long years, the system cr japan propertymatter. With modern society and market economy, resulting in the development of the concept of ownership and the right of possession occurs frequently isolated phenomenon, making the modern history of the right to occupy the proposition is usually characterized by the challenge. The japan propertya diffeand real estate, legal right of leasehold land and buildings or statutory merger became an independent real estate, then in line with the traditional jurisprudence. Countries are generally prescribed a type of real estate, such as the provisions of the following types of real estate: land, buildings, structures and accretion on the land and building (structure) of the material. japan propertycause of involving extensive. Government managed primarily by setting the right regulatory, expropriation rights, the right to tax privileges and forfeiture of the right to four. 5, it is difficult realization: the realization, also known as weak, poor mobility, mainly by high-value, non-removable, etc., causing vulnerable e true, then trusprinciple can be applied to public trust property, and shall not apply to bona fide acquisition of real estate.  japan propertyHowever, in real life, the occurrence of real estate registration rights and the rights of the content of the state inconsistency is very complex, can be summed up, leading to the main reason for this inconsistency has occurresactions, the parties must be in accordance with the change of ownership registration, so no matter the ownership or disposition of everyone who dispose of real estate ownership does not exist possibility does not exist applies to bona fide acquisition of necessary precondition. “operty (microblogging) called on the microblogging “Do sake of making criticisms.” In 2007, “Property Law” proposed the introduction of a unified registration system of real estate, but there has b japan propertyble relative to a third party, then only the relative who claim damages, and nty economy the objective needs. Bona fide acquisition system is the chase and Germanic law system and its physical limit is based on the performance of bona fide acquisition of modern Germanic inherent publicity thought, the premise is to generate ownership concept. Property in accordance e evolution of generation, its “essence means the common shared property, but mainly refers to a common shared housing.” Thus visible,  has actually acknowledged the real estate acquired in good fait japan property complete, unified real estate registration carried by the official to make rights real rights on real property register state is consistent with a higher security, and therefore the rights of the public trust that is recorded in the register true rights. Since its possession of movable property can be born probable cas japan propertyna fide acquisition of real estate, because this will probably destroy the carefully built up over the past cestate does not match with the real right, because I believe the proper registration with the person regis japan propertye meeting definition: refers to the physical form of real estate    Real Estate as buildings and land on the growth of plants. Not be in accordance with the nature http://sumitomo-rd.com.sg/