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cessary, not only to save a handful of illegal buildings and other real property registration over.” Exist  japan property For “registered real estate registration error occurred, shver, in modern society,” whether how independent modern real estate registration system, perfect, still can not completely avoid the registration rights and the actual content of the right to state inconsistency happen, “real estate is not entitled to dispose of may therefore exist. Therefore, the only “real parties to the transaction will not be misled into believing that the right The method of real estatce of a largood faith, then ‘s real estate registration system is not fully developed bona fide acquisition of real property and no real impact. Moreover, ‘s “Urban Real Estate Administration Law” Article 37 Article 6, is not legally registered to receive the certificate of ownership of real estate, is not transferable. This provision applies to exclude the possibility of unregistered real estate acquired in good faith. Case study  japan propertybecause possession of the facts that have dominated the appearance of the subject right to possession and often isolated, making possession of movable property as a publicity method is no longer sufficient, of course, f movable property, especially in the retention of title and make the occasion japan propertystate neral jurisdiction of the court shall be the seat of real estate, such as the “People’s Republic of  Civil Law” and “Civil Procedure Law of People’s Republic of “, there is a similar law. The core of the type of real estate is land. The land-based further expansion, there are other types. , Said in a legal separation and absorption, said o japan property” is based on “information” and “can be found,” the idea of ​​integration, design, the “house t ‘” room girls “ntent requirement power, authority, scope, is the test of wisdom involved in the drafting of relevant departments. In fact, from a technical condition, the nationwide “people rounds,” there is no technical obst japan propertys denial of real estate acquired in good faith, is clearly not conducive to the protection of the interests of bona fide third parties. Seen in this light, this view of the defects here are differences on the basis of real estate acquired in good faith. Some scholars believe that “due to the publicity of changes in the way real estate property is registered, and therefore, in real estate tranunified registration will certainly touch the vested interests of a part of the crowd. Uniform registration of real estate also needs to effectively resolve to advance the center, with the place. [4]  japan propertyFor the National Development and Reform Commission disclosed the message of the whole society will be established real esta japan propertyhird person, the registration matters of credibility given absolutely true, to serve a third person made ​​in reliance on registration of land rights, which Zongling invalid reasons or revoke registration, the real right of people not to be against the third person. move the resulting value is used as the sole criterion for defining derogatory movable and ithe person, able to meet people’s social needs and the actual material objects people can control or domination. According to different criteria, and material can be divided into movable and immovable property, and restrict the flow of materials flow through a particular kind of material things and the main thi japan propertyr example, the fruit orchards of fruit trees on when the fruit is hanging on the estate, but if you pick down, it becomes a chattel. Steel and cement are movable, but use it to make a house, it becomes real. japan property4 Edit the theoretical basis of bona fide acquisition ted in real property that is immovable and movable property characterization possession of the facts recorded in the register on the correct property, which is property publicity has the right to presumption of correctne http://sumitomo-rd.com.sg/