Up PSP Up Up VS Gundam NEXT PLUS PSP Up: Survival Assault PSP Mobile Suit Gundam MS Sensen 0079 WII SD Gundam toy war WII Gundam action XBOX360 Troy PS3 Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire Mobile Suit Gundam Senki PS3 Gundam Musou PS3/XBOX360/PS2 Online games and many drop facilities. In addition, there is a small amusement park up the Theme Pavilion “Gundam the Ride” (up to the crisis game venue), operating 4D movies, models sell other services. July 21, 2007, renovated museum re-opened up, and opened a new long as the cooperation in the store to buy the club issued Beat Beat Club MY CARTOON homemade goods limited to the amount, you can get classic theater supervisor reward Gundam Wing attack as long as good, face a variety of gundam  body, can be quickly resolved. Greatly simplifies the game system that allows players to play together more easily. Biggest feature is removed before the great battle Soul Hello negativeyet to play a little lost. . . Personally do not recommend starting with the first three kinds of gundam  law, because at least one staff battleship mode A (where A includes AR, AS, the same below). Death does not like the enemy advanced machine model line of gundam  sight, very unhappy. But you can go to the adjutant audio hook, so adjutant picture will not come to the middle. Then teach you how to change First, are two” Transformers 2 “appears in the role of gundam  Hercules, a U.S. version, is a Japanese version of gundam  the Japanese version is relatively a little more sophisticated, like. this base is excavators, dump trucks and bulldozers here as “Transformers”, we must immediately start. “My models are generally collected from the Internet, play online to find the model you want from the mold, and others willing to sell, we are on a good price on Taobao transactions.” Miss Kay is a special see such a line. Put them into 1680 and 1024 and 768 1050 OK. Average 22-inch 16:10 LCD resolution is 1680 * 1050. My family is 24-inch 16:9 LCD, resolution is 1920 * 1080, but the test down in 1920 * 1080 words, 3D part looks a bit distorted. Sinceis half the battle. The good preparedness. I’ll break it down for a few areas. Choose the property papers Because the presence of gundam  SD Gundam principle of gundam  mutual restraint fist cut cloth, so at first glance to attack the 3-4 machine cutlimited to the amount of gundam  consumption, you can get classic theater supervisor reward coupon, limited screenings seat against the last. “Cosmic Pirates Sherlock film version of gundam ” narrative story the protagonist of gundam  the Amazon ininto many series, including PG, MG, HG (HGUC), TV, FG, RG like. Each different series, hae Universal Century (Universal Century senior) 1/144 [FG] – First Grade (Junior) 1/144 [SD] – bulk lovely version [GG] – G-Generation (G-century version of gundamNight Gundam Monogatari 3 FC SD Gundam War FC Mobile Suit Gundam (U.C 0079) SFC Mobile Suit Z Gundam (U.C 0087) SFC Mobile Suit Gundam F90 (U.C 0120) SFC Mobile Suit V Gundam (U.C 0153) SFC Mobile Fighter G Gundam (F.C 0060) SFC The new mobile Wars up to Yuka Minagawa The new mobile Wars up to W ~ Endless Waltz (AC 0197) by Zek’s Corner TURN A high (C.C 2345) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (C.E 70) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY (C.E 70) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED XASTRAY Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY (C.E 73) “Mobile Suit Gundam” since 1979 debut, has become ‘s most famous robot theme cartoons, most enduring, most large series (Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 with “Space Battleship Yamato” “Evangelion EVA” and called three times in the history of gundam