Learn Mandarin in Singapore

Learn Mandarin in Singapore government schools use textbooks and supporting workbooks to explain Chinese in a relaxed and fun way and to help students to practice in all aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing. For Primary Grades One to Six (Pri1-Pri6) this consists of Normal Chinese and High Chinese. For Secondary School Grades One to Four (Sec1-Sec4) it consists of Normal Chinese, Express Chinese and High Chinese. This course will introduce tones, pronunciation of each vowel and the consonant component of one-syllable words. What about the Chinese writing? No need to learn Chinese Characters. Learn Mandarin in Singapore writing system is as ancient as China itself, and Chinese characters are full of deep historical and cultural background. To master Chinese writing requires a lot of dedicated study, even for native Chinese students! But when starting to learn Chinese, it is not necessary to learn the Chinese characters to begin communicating. Develop your skills. As China shifts towards spending its vast foreign currency reserves domestically, many top international firms are securing contracts in the fields of engineering, energy, transportation, healthcare, information technology, financial services and others. You can learn Chinese to gain some conversational ability and awareness of Chinese culture that may give you the competitive edge in this lucrative jobs market. It is generally accepted that we all study languages best when submerged in the local society. Learn Mandarin in Singapore have strived to reproduce that feeling of being immersed as you experience the voyage of Leo throughout his journey in China. With the assistance of rich multimedia Chinese lessons you will rapidly feel like you have ventured off the plane in Beijing airport yourself! You are met in arrivals by Learn Mandarin in Singapore who will accompany you along your voyage as you learn Chinese, and you’ll also learn a little about Chinese society as you go. Our Teachers: All LEARN MANDARIN IN SINGAPORE teachers are certified and experienced at teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Every teacher we recruit must hold a BA or MA in ‘Teaching Chinese as a foreign language’ (對外漢語), a four year course where they learn about teaching methods, Chinese linguistics, culture and English combined with work experience teaching. On top of this we also require our teachers to have at least two years of teaching experience before working with us and to pass a strict interview process including demonstration classes. Our teachers are professionals who have chosen to dedicate their career to teaching this beautiful language. We believe that with good teachers even the most challenging of subjects can be made simple and attainable. Our Chinese language lessons are unique in providing customized lessons to people who wish to learn Chinese at their own pace with flexible lessons. Working people are especially welcomed since we will provide them with individually tailored lessons. We serve various locations in greater Los Angeles area, ranging from Beverly Hills to Pasadena, from Santa Monica to San Marino. This is kind of a preconceived idea, as the people who believe that are not the ones who learn the language, so they don’t really have an objective opinion: they don’t base their ideas on actual experience lived, but on an imaginary conception of a language they never attempted at learning, not even remotely. So what’s to fear? To begin with, China represents one fifth of the world. This means that at least one fifth of the world’s total population is made up by people who can speak Chinese perfectly. All human beings are the same one from another, there is no ethnic group with two brains or anything like that. In other words, Learn Mandarin in Singapore’re all physiologically capable of learning and speaking any language, at any age.